Is the City $1275 in the US?

  1. If so, it will cost me about $250 more to buy it here in Canada:censor:
    (I have previously purchased in NYC and of course eBay so I never did the math)
  2. I believe that the city is still $1195.
  3. Then it would cost me almost $350 more to buy it here:rant: :rant: :rant:
  4. I know!! It's such a pain - IDK why Holts does such a huge markup here on them... it's cheaper to order from the US and pay the extra money in duties - you'll still come out ahead.
  5. Could you buy it from AR? I heard they have free international shipping on orders over $500 and I heard people haven't been hit with big customs fees when they've ordered from them.
  6. yeah go AR!!! woo hoo!!!!
  7. It's $1195.00 plus tax - mine came to $1315.00 with shipping from Barneys.
  8. Is that $1315 US or Cdn? Wow, if it's $1315 Cdn, that's a great deal - you must have gotten lucky at customs!
  9. This sounds so dumb but whats AR? I wanna get a bag from there b/c balenciaga's cost more here too:yucky: . Do you know what sort of amount of custom fees people have had?
  10. ^^Aloha Rag
  11. It's Aloha Rag. You can e-mail Jumei for pics of the bags you are interested in. He's really great about communication. :heart: As for customs, I don't know the amounts. I just remember reading from posts here that it wasn't much at all. You can try to do a search by typing in Aloha Rag or maybe AR? :yes:
  12. Hello everyone,

    I am in the market for a medium (City right?) and I went to Holt Refrew (Canada) yesterday to check it out IRL. It was marked as 1600Cdn!

    I take it that that is a lot more than the US?

    How do I find AR?

    Thanks for any help!
  13. Okay thanx, I think I've been on the aloha rag site. I'll have to see which bags he has.:smile:
  14. US - I live in New York :lol:
  15. I got mine from the balenciaga store in NY, and paid $1195, and $1295 including tax!
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