is the chloè paddington still an hot purchase? What bag to buy as a graduation pres?

  1. I know that I really want a bag as a graduation present, but still I don't know which one!

    I dreamt of the chloè paddington until last spring, but somehow it now seems outdated to me and it leaves me with a question: if I buy one of the bag I fancy so much at the moment, will I be bored in just a few months?

    I would love the YSL Muse bag, the prada Gauffre bag or the Balenciaga matelassè bag (or a regular one) but I really don't want to waste my money in something I won't love forever.

    I already own plenty of gucci mono bags and accessories, a lv speedy 35 and a speedy mini, a balenciaga bag in a non famous version and a few fendi bags.

    My budget is of abt 1000 euro max 1250 euro.

    remember that the prices in europe are lower compared to the us!

    any advice?
  2. The Chloe paddy is not as hot as it was before ( i remember the times when there were wait lists for them and they were sold out almost everywhere) but i still love my Paddy loads and will never ever think of selling it on ebay even if i was broke. I love the Paddy for its slouchiness, heavenly leather smell, its roominess, its one-look-and-oh-i-recognise-that-bag aspect. Its one tough bag too and wont really show wear even if you dun treat it like a princess. And i think it will look wonderful to wear to work! BUT having said all that.. its HEAVY.. my mum calls my paddy a mini luggage. :P

    Have u ever thought of buying a small Chanel to add to your varied collection? :jammin: Chanel bags hardly ever go out of fashion especially if you get one of their classic designs. But at the end of it.. you have to look at the bag and love it before u decide! :love:
  3. a chanel would be an awesome grad present, since it's so timeless. for me, i do love the chloes, but as berrie said, they're SO heavy. esp. the padlock....i always joke that they double as a weapon.

    i think the YSL muse is much more classic....and it's something you'll carry as you get older, whereas i think of a paddy as a 'younger' bag.

    HTH :smile:
  4. thanks for the answers! I would love a chanel bag, but it seems out of my price range...isn't it? I would get a very small one, but I usually like big bags. I was thinking of buying chanel ballerinas or some small accessory (flats) on top of my bag purchase, but it all seems so expensive compared to what I get and compared to other luxury brands...
  5. You can only answser your question really. Cause you want a bag that you won't get tired of and that you love. We don't know if you'll get tired/bored of it soon or if you really love it or not.
  6. I agree, I don't think it is as 'hot' as it was before....but if you love it, does that matter?
  7. i too wanted a paddy ever since.. but haven't gotten one yet.. i still want to own one even though it is not as "hot" as before.. for you though, if you still want the bag, go get it.. for a grad present, a chanel sounds lovely...
  8. from what i read, it seems you don't love the paddy as you did before.
    so why don't go to bag you really like for a longer period of time?
    my vote goes to YSL muse or balenciaga city
  9. I would get a Balenciaga city, maybe in black which is pretty much a classic!
  10. Get whatever you want that pleases you. Never mind if it is still hot or not.
    Don't sell yourself short of a dream bag either just because it is expensive (except for a Hermes bag which would be too much for now). It is better to buy one very expensive bag that you really like than to settle with two or three so so bags. You can stretch it up to 2X your original budget.
  11. Took the words right out of my mouth. Stop worrying about what's hot and what's not. You use what you like. If you go to a store and see that you really like the paddy, get the paddy. If you hate it, but realize that the Edith is hot or that the Muse got your attention, get that. NEVER get anything you're half in love with just because it's the new thing out.
  12. As most of us always say on this forum - buy what you like and then it won't matter, so much, to you when it isn't as fashionable as it once was.

    Also, I try to avoid the major 'it' bags. Which is relatively easy for me, as I often don't really like them for me, for some reason. :shrugs:
  13. If you dont already have a Paddy you should still keep one in mind. For using every day they are HOT!! And the original Paddy style will be around for a very long time. I work in handbags, because I LOVE handbags. And Paddy's are still selling to the tune of at least 2 - 3 per day. The new ones have not had the holding power the original paddingtons have, and always will. They will never be outdated, just new colors. Pick a color that you can wear with everything...anything but black.....when buying a bag like that make it one that is eyecandy. People will notice.
    If you dont do the Chloe, then my second choice would be the Balenciaga. Again for the same reasons.......not the newer styles, the original city bag. You WILL wear those and love those forever. If you want to go "classic" then go Chanel. Since you already have a collection of LV, stray and have fun. Get the Chloe or B bag.......If you want I can get you the color and style you want....
    Let me know what you decide.
  14. I think that I will rule out the paddington, i like chanel, but I always thought of it as a bag to own in your thirties...I'd like to start buying chanel bags (and maybe a jacket) once I am established with my work.

    Basically I have to choose between the muse, the balenciaga and maybe a gucci guccissima leather bag. Actually the gucci is really beatiful but so far I only bought gucci at their discounted outlet and my biggest fear is to find my bag paid full price, half price next year...I would get crazy...
  15. the finalists: don't look at the colors I will probably buy a black bag.