Is the Chloé Drew a Classic?

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  1. Dear all,

    I'm very tempted by the small Chloé Drew in a neutral colour, but i'm anxious that it is just a trend bag and will look dated in a few years. Do you think the Chloe Drew will end up being a classic or is it drawing towards the end of it's reign?!

    Thanks very much!
  2. I am leaning towards it staying a trend bag but i thought that about the chloe Marcie bag when it was released and I now think that is a classic.
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  3. I would not consider it a classic bag. It hasn't been out long enough. I think a bag has to have staying power to achieve classic status. The bag simply hasn't been around long enough to see if it will stay a popular style. I am personally leaning towards it not becoming a classic. It is a pretty bag and I do think it has a classic shape, but I could see the hardware (the large hoops) where the strap attaches to the bag dating the bag in a few years. IMO, bags that have large chunky hardware like that rarely become classic (though there are some exceptions).
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  4. The hardware and chain are definitely not reasons for it to go out of style. Just look at Chanel :smile:
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  5. Chloe is known to have the "it" bags: Paddy, Alice, Baylee, Drew, Faye, Hudson, Nile.....You name it. Most of them are very nice looking but none of them became classics. I have learned a lesson and don't jump on buying their new bags anymore. However it is very hard to resist the temptation!
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  6. I still think the Drew is very much in and has the capacity to be a classic. It's very functional, minimalist in style, and can go from casual to dressy.
  7. i think it's a beautiful bag but not one to achieve classic status. if you look at pre-loved drew bags many of them go soft around the top and the shape deforms. a bag can't be a classic if it won't be structurally sound for years to come or hold up for daily use. think of chanel and lv and hermes bags, most of which can be used and abused daily. if you keep a drew in pristine condition it might hold up well, but with daily use the bag won't hold up well. the life of the bag is limited, imo, but it still has a place in a wardrobe.

  8. How about paddington, is it a classics?