Is The Chiara A Small Bag? Anyone Have One?

  1. I was thinking about my old Claudias. I always thought they were a tad big. Does anyone have a Chiara anymore? Fool me, I sold mine eons ago and it escapes me if they were small, or a pretty average size bag. I've seen pictures where they just look so damn hip and roomy and then some look like they're kind of collapsed weird the middle and small.....
    Anyone? :confused1:
    Shall we drool???
    KOOB-WY46_V1-TN.jpg chiara.jpg
  2. I love bags like that. Unstructured....comfy under the arm....close to the body.....all purpose.....I likey!!!:yes:
  3. I'm getting very hobo'ish as well. They're so easy to carry.
  4. I have one - I'd say it's medium size. Not a big bag, but definitely not small. It holds quite a bit without looking bulky.