Is the cherry Spy still available in boutiques?

  1. Thanks!
  2. No, sorry not still available, I know a few ladies on here that would kill for one of these
  3. And I'm one of them! : )
  4. I think I better go into hideing with my Cherry spy, think you ladies are going to be after me for it........LOL:ninja:
  5. Don't worry...your avatar doesn't reveal your location! I think you're safe!
  6. I want one too after seeing Saich's!
  7. Me too; that bag is HOT!!! :sweatdrop: I must say, looking at her spies makes me a tad bit nutty!!! :nuts:
  8. But I do know your location:graucho: . you can run but you can't hide, Saichyloo!:death:
  9. no no must not get my cherry:sos: