Is the Chanel outlet worth the trip?

  1. Hey, I'm trying to convince my mom to take me to Woodbury Commons if I get over a 3.5 this semester (which I might if my bio class doesn't kill me!), and I want to know if the Chanel outlet is worth going to. Its kind of far from me, its an hour and a half away, so I don't want to go there and not see anything that I don't like (although I'll be in all of the other stores too). I don't know if I'll buy a bag unless its for a really good price, but I'm thinking of buying new sunglasses, eyeglasses (my no-names are falling apart, but I've had them for awhile), and maybe some shoes. So I'm just wondering, how are their prices and how is the selection?
  2. I was just there on Saturday. Don't make a special trip.
  3. it's better to use ur great grades to find exactly what you want, regardless of the price =) plus, i heard there are times twice a year where the boutique has some sales for past season designs. :smile:
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  4. They don't have a large selection of handbags. They have more clothes than anything. I don't even think they have that many sunglasses. They do have alot of shoes and they are alot less than retail. I have never bought anything there, but I always stop in when I'm at Woodbury. I wouldn't make a special trip just for Chanel, but there are some other great stores and your not too far away. Have fun!
  5. In General, The Wodbury Commons Is Such Fabulous Shopping. I've Never Seen Many Bags (None I Would Buy). I May Be Just Be Going At The Wrong Time (Call Ahead!). As For Shoes, I've Had Great Luck!
  6. Hi. I just called the Chanel outlet and woodbury and they said they were cleaned out after the long weekend and the next big shipment will not be coming until Labor Day.
  7. No matter what anyone says, I'd go just to know there isn't anything I've missed out on. If Bluefly can have classic flaps, maybe the outlet sometimes keeps some in the back? Maybe, just maybe...
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  8. Never seen any yet. And the SAs are not exactly the friendliest around :tdown:
  9. I have went to the Gucci outlet in the desert, going toward Palm Springs on many occasions and though they didn't have a lot out on display at any given time - the back room was a treasure cove - sort of like the hidden room on Ugly Betty, no even better like the room in the Treasure movie with Cage. But much, much, MUCH better....rows and rows of fabulous clothing, bags, shoes etc. I was so overwhelmed!!! :yahoo:

    The key with the Chanel outlet might be the same as at the Gucci outlet - really getting in very good, I mean very good with a SA there and gaining access to the back room / storage.
  10. :yes: Exactly what I was saying...just because it's not out there doesn't mean it's not in the building! I have read on another forum of someone getting a great bag from the "back room" of the Chanel outlet.

    I'd have to go, just to try. Shoot, I *am* going when I get home to the easy coast.

    And I pray they open a Chanel in Cabazon...I keep hearing rumors.
  11. i went this past weekend and the selection there was slim. no sunglasses, a couple of bags, and little small selection of shoes. i think there were a few small totes that were aqua, lavender, and pink colored, the yucky vinyl totes that they never seem to get rid of, and a woven leather shoulder bag that someone on this forum had posted in the past. nothing spectacular imo. i bet even after the memorial day weekend, those clear vinyl totes are still there. :P
  12. Every time I go in there, I see absolutely nothing that I would buy. They have very very few bags and they are the odd ones that nobody wanted.
  13. yeah i would like to know about this toooo. i know there're lots of store out there but i want to see chanel store cause it's the only 1 sob*
  14. well the chanel outlet is not really worth it, but some of the other outlets aren't bad..and right now they have a burberry sample sale set up till everythign is gone..i got a bathing suit for $40..if ur willing to spend the day there and really look around in all the stores, you may find favorite place is Saks off 5th..i always find good jeans.
  15. This thread is old but its still the same I am in Cali looking for a Chanel outlet wondering if they are all closed now?