Is the Chanel Box an important part of a Chanel Bag purchase?

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  1. I recently purchased a Chanel Bag on ebay with the promise of BNIB (Brand New in Box) also with tags, dust bag and Authenticity Card. The bag arrived with tags, dust bag and card, but no box. I think that I paid a premium because of my expectation of the bag, box et al. Do you collectors consider this a "big deal" or should I let it go? Thanks!!
  2. some people care about the box but half the time when u buy from chanel or a department store they mix up the boxes anyway
  3. Depends on the buyer. Honestly, I use the boxes to store my bags so it is a bit of a big deal to me. I like how everything is organized in the correct boxes so I avoid any problems. I would just email the seller and ask for it.
  4. She might not have included it - as to reduce the overall size/weight of packaging or simply forgot.

    I like having the box, but I don't obsess over it. Many boxes from the department stores don't have the correct sticker on the outside...but it doesn't bother me that much. Where as the Chanel boutique always gives the correct box for each bag.

    If you want it - then certainly ask for it.:smile:
  5. No big deal as long as you're sure that its authentic....If its a lambskin or SA said not to put in a box when you store them anyway.
  6. I think its pointless to worry about the box when you're not even gonna store it in there anyways. Those boxes take up space anyway.
  7. I like the boxes for my bags so I can store them without getting squished.
  8. I like to store my seasonal bags in their boxes & appreciate having the photo/description on the side of the box so I can stay organized. I don't really care about the boxes for my everyday purses.

    I do think some Chanel boutiques take greater care in packaging purchases. I've never received a lovely camellia flower with any of my purchases :sad:
  9. I think having the box is a bonus and I prefer to have it, although it's not a deal-breaker for me. I would request it from the seller but I wouldn't obsess over it.
  10. I think if the seller promised it, then you should have it. I would contact her and ask about it.

    I never store my bags in the boxes, I was told not to do that because it's very drying to the bags (the leather). I do store the boxes in my attic though, not sure why, I can't seem to throw them out and they take up a ton of room too.
  11. If the seller promised you the box you should email him/her and have them send to you.

    I always want the box because that's what I store my bags in, but I have extras so I don't "need" one in order to buy a bag on ebay.
  12. I like to box b/c that's what I store 90% of my bags in. If I get the bag second hand at a discount or if it's a htf bag that I have to have it doesn't bother me.
  13. Having the box is a huge deal for me.. Probably because I'm very picky about my things and how they're stored. I love storing my bags in their dust bag and box, for me it helps keep them in good condition. If you email the seller and they're unable to provide a box for you, you can go to your local Chanel boutique and ask for a box. I purchased a Cabas from ebay about a year ago and it didn't come with a box and I just went to Chanel and asked my SA for a box and he gave me one. Good Luck!
  14. if the listing included the box, you should definitely contact the seller and make them send it to you! you paid for it! if they didn't send the box because it made the shipping higher, then that's their problem. they're supposed to factor that into their stated shipping cost.

    personally, i like to get the boxes for all my bags. even if i don't plan to store the bag in it, i like to have the box - i can store other stuff in it.
  15. I agree!