Is the chain/leather strap the same size on the Jumbo as the large/med Classic flap?

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  1. Hi there,
    Can anyone tell me if the chain/leather strap on the Jumbo Classic flap bag is the same diameter as on the Med/large classic?:confused1:

    Appreciate your thoughts – thank you!!
  2. I'm confused by this post... are you talking about the chain in general or the drop length of the chain?

    The chain is the same size but the drop length on the jumbo is longer.
  3. Hi Mello,

    Not the length, the diameter of the chain/strap.
    Like is the width of the chain the same on both bags?
    Does that make sense?
  4. hey lisa! yea, i think I understand. the chain/strap is the same size on all the classics.
  5. You're great.
    That's exactly what we were wondering, we were told the Jumbo was fatter and questioned that.

    Thank you
  6. update ... I lost a bet.:crybaby:
    the strap on the jumbo is fatter in diameter than the medium classic
  7. That's good to know. I never noticed that. I only noticed that the straps were longer on the jumbo.
  8. guess that's how they come up with the name Jumbo : Longer & Wider !!!:yahoo:
  9. Okay I am not a Chanel expert but today I was in a store and there was another shopper asking this exact question, and the SA pulled out a med navy patent and compared it with the shoppers jumbo navy patent (straps side by side) and the chain on the jumbo was slightly thicker (I recall, the chain and the leather? - gosh I would have looked at it closer). . .
  10. Hey, my Friend who has a navy patent jumbo was at Nordstrom's today in Woodland Hills and she said the same thing. Maybe you met her? She's great!;)
  11. awwwwww I'm so sorry Lisa :sad: I could've sworn the straps on the jumbo were the same size as the ones on my e/w. I hope the bet wasnt for a new handbag or something :shame:
  12. Yep that was her!!
  13. Not to worry Mello one...:p

    My friend took pity on me and had mercy on this Chanel rookie...
    She's going to let me slide on the money we bet:yes:
  14. Oh that's funny!

    Small world.
    I told her about PF when I first joined and she thinks I'm soo crazy :weird: :weird:
    Shes really cool..glad you guys met