is the chain in classic jumbo caviar bag is much heavier than the new one?

  1. I have a 2003 jumbo caviar flap. The chain is so heavy that i have some shoulder pain. Yesterday, i went to the chanel store and saw the new classic jumbo bag is much lighter? Do u gals have the same thought?
  2. I think it all depends on what you PUT IN your jumbo bag. Since its a jumbo it can hold a lot which can cause it to be heavy.
  3. i do think the new bijoux chain is lighter than the old chain.
  4. yep....bijoux chain is lighter
  5. Is the Jumbo heavy??? I'm also curious to know because I want to own a jumbo but I'm afraid it's heavy..
  6. hmmm..i actually tried on the jumbo caviar with the interwoven chain and was actually surprised at how light it was! Maybe something has changed?
  7. Oh yeah!! I remember I tried on the bijoux chain Jumbo before!! LOL.. Yes, it was actually light.. Rather than the one with old chains..
  8. what is bijoux chain? Is it the new classic flap bag made of? I had the 3 years old one