Is the cerf tote going up in price?

  1. Is this on the list for a price increase? Those of you who own it can you use it for a laptop as well? Thanks !!
  2. Hi! I don't know about a price increase... last I heard it was $1850 + tax. But, I have 2 & they would not fit my laptop. Not comfortably anyway.

    The bag itself is less than 10" tall give or take a few hairs, (without handles)so I really don't think it would work for any laptops. But maybe someonelse has a different opinion?:confused1:

    I do love the cerf tote though. I really love it & highly recommend it even if not for your laptop!

    Hope this is of some help. Feel as though I am rambling...:p
  3. I dont think...I havent heard of it..!! I guess its all those classic line that is going up..