Is the CC crooked?

Is the CC actually crooked?

  • No

    Votes: 3 8.8%
  • Yes

    Votes: 29 85.3%
  • Unsure

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Sep 3, 2017
New York, New York
So I can’t tell if my CC is crooked or not. I wouldn’t have even really noticed until I saw a black mini with a quite obviously crooked CC turn lock so that lead me to take a closer look at my newest bag that I received just last week. I took a level to the cc and it says it’s level. But for some reason I keep thinking it’s slightly tilted. Maybe it’s just the way the CC is on the bags now. Either way I’m concerned that if it is crooked, I won’t even be able to exchange it because this bag color seems to be pretty popular. And I’m also not sure it’s worth the hassle. What would you all do?






Jan 29, 2018
It seems the CC is placed too far on the left, it needs to be shifted to the right a little, especially at the top.

Take a ruler and measure the tip of the C to the end of the flap corner, do it for both sides. This will tell you if it’s uneven.