Is the Carly limited edition?

  1. I ask because I want to weigh the costs between this and something else I want to do with my money (a social event). Is it worth it?
  2. The Carly isn't limited edition, but I think it'll sell out quick in most styles-- what's the social event? Because I always pick social events over bags-- then again you do carry bags to social events... hmmm...
  3. So if I don't get it now, you're telling me I can get it during PCE? :confused1: The social event is an anniversary for an organization here in Tampa on a yacht. I can get all fancy for it if I spend some of my "Carly money", but then there'll be no Carly. :sad:

  4. :roflmfao:
  5. I forgot to mention that I'd probably pick the social event. It's a yacht!! I'd definitely be there!