Is the Carly in khaki/beet orderable now? (for PCE?)

  1. I hinted heavily to Dh that I would like the Carly in khaki/beet for christmas. Told him he could use my PCE card.

    He came back from the store today and said "can't order that bag you want. Besides, $350 for a bag? that's crazy!" :rolleyes: he pulling my leg, or am I really SOL? Is the Carly available to be ordered (or is in it store?) in khaki/beet?
  2. Wasn't it available before?

    It says on the website it won't be available til 12/21 or something.

    But I swear it had it on there before?
  3. I know two weeks ago when I was looking at what jax had in the medium carly that there was only 2 left. I'm sure they are restocking it with it being available in a couple weeks. Not really helpful for the holidays though.
  4. Deweydrop, order a Carly in another color (maybe your 2nd choice), keep it wrapped up then exchange it when the beet comes out again at the end of the month. Your SA should be able to help you with that.
  5. I thought of that...unfortunately, I doubt I can convince my husband to do that for me...i could try hinting again...but I doubt it

    thanks though!
  6. Darn husbands! Why is it they think $400 for electronics isn't too much but can't see the value in spending extra on a bag that will last forever? And at 25% off!? Men!
  7. khaki/beet is sold out, along with khaki/angora.

  8. I KNOW!!

    maybe I'll drop a hint...say "well - my second choice colors would be khaki/chocolate and then khaki/bronze..." heheh. I really can't justify buying myself something right now with the holidays coming up...guess I'll print out the page, with my 2nd and 3rd choice colors listed with a "if you're still looking for ideas..." note

    the beet color is just too darn pretty...but you are right, I could always do an even exchange for it...

    thanks again
  9. ^^ YW! Anything to enable a fellow Coachie!

  10. That what I was told too.The SA said that the Khaki/angora and beet is not orderable. But on the web site it says available 12/20 or 12/21. The SA told me that the slim style is available in both colors. Also I wanted the Bleeker small flap bag in brown which can be worn cross body, they said that that is also sold out and not availble to order.
  11. This is why I had my Hubby and I have a family account plus two separate personal accounts. We each have a set amount per week go into our personal accounts with the remainder of our checks going to the family account for mortgage and bills and such. That way I have my own personal allowance that I can spend on whatever frivilous thing I want and he can't complain.
  12. I saw the beet color at my boutique out on the floor - they said we could buy it. King of Prussia does ship!!