Is the CAMBON reporter getting disc?

  1. That is what the SA's here are saying...

    Well basically the pink/black, white/black, black/white, biege/black and the python ones....

    Is this true? or is the whole line getting disc or getting replaced with the new chain ones....???

    somebody help out a confused girl! thanks!:sad:
  2. i was also confused- in chanel shopping forum ChanelBoy (a Chanel SA) said that certain models were being discontinued such as the messenger and I think the reporter, but he had not heard that the whole cambon linge was being disontinued. However, I keep hearing conflicting answers with some saying it is being replaced by the cotton club and others say that certian colours and styles are just being discontiued
  3. To my devastation, I found out that the large version of the cambon reporter is being discontinued. The smaller one is being remade with the chain. I know there are a few of the large ones floating around still.
  4. Yes, my SA told me that they will not make the large reporter anymore. I don't think the bucket tote is being discontinued though. Hope that helps!
  5. I had heard the same. Last summer certain colors were discontinued. It's a shame. I think they are great looking, and fill a void.