Is the Cambon large tote still available in black on black?

  1. Does anyone know if the large Cambon tote is still available in the black on black leather, not the patent?
    Also, if available, do we have a price range? I know there has been some increases.... $1495, $1695, $1895, $1925..... ? :confused1:
  2. I just saw one last week at my local store for $1925.
  3. Thanks, ocgirl! I'm wondering .... is your "local" store, my local store... in the OC? SCP?
  4. You're in socal! I saw it at NM Newport Beach. My favoriate SA there is Cynthia Smith, but they all know my there now. If you see Cynthia, please tell her Lani says "hi!".
  5. black patent/black and beige patent/beige is all that's still available.

  6. Oh! Bummer :sad:

    Do you know if their still the same price?

  7. I am in Socal! :p I was gonna head over to the Chanel store at South Coast Plaza today..... but maybe I should try Fashion Island instead! :yes:
  8. So your saying, if I want black on black........... this is my only choice? (this is my 2nd choice anyway!)
    (borrowed pic!) :p
  9. ^yes
  10. No Cambons at my local Chanel boutique today! :crybaby: My SA told me that the Chanel stores wont be carrying any of the Cambon line anymore. It can only be found in department stores now. Sooo I went over to bloomingdales and they only had the reporter. :sad: So my search continues.
    Does this bag really retail for $1925 now? From $1425 just two years ago? :confused1:
  11. I was at Neiman's today at the Houston Galleria and saw a black patent on black tote as well as several of the smaller bags in black on black and a cotton club reporter in blue. The color and leather was :love: but the bag looked shabby like it had been tossed around. The black tote was perfect though and I think it was the large one. If you order it, you might save on not paying tax.
  12. it was $1650 2 years ago, NM still has them but they did increase.
  13. --oooh I am a Reporter addict! What color? Large or small?
  14. Chessmont, I'm not sure what ivylouwho saw, but I saw a blue cotton club reporter at NM in Houston this week in case that interests you. I would so buy it if it weren't so pricey!
  15. Small, white! :yes: