Is the Cambon large tote in black patent on black a classic?

  1. Is the cambon line being discountined? I'm thinking of getting the cambon large tote in black patent over black, or should I get the cotton club one instead?:confused1:
  2. I think it's relatively classic. It's one of Chanel's trendier lignes, but compared to a true "trend" I think this would fall under more classic, than trendy personally.
    I have always like the Cambons, but I went w/ a Cotton Club tote in bronze instead.
  3. That bag is the exact one I have. It's the first, and only, Chanel bag I own. I just got it about a month ago.

    The SA at NM who sold it to me told me that the Cambons are kind of turning into a classic Chanel style.

    And yes, as far as I was told, the Cambon line is being discontinued and replaced by the Cotton Clubs. So I'd say definitely get one while you can, if you love it. :smile:
  4. I prefer Cotton Club. =)
  5. Thanks for the info!!:yes:
  6. My only Chanel is a black on black Cambon tote. It is a perfect bag and I am so glad I have it! My style is very classic.
  7. I totally agree that this bag is classic. Its my only Chanel bag also, and I love it, too. If you want it, you may wanna snatch it up quickly, because I'm sure its being discontinued. ;)
  8. Was out yesterday and saw a new color for the cambon.

    Its beige on beige....
  9. beige on beige has been available as long as I can remember:yes:
    Beige/beige and black/black are the only 2 not discontinued at this point as far as I know.
  10. Cambon=most counterfeited
    Cotton Club=not counterfeited

    How many times have you seen a 13 year old walking around with a pink Cambon bag? They are everywhere.
  11. IMO, I think cotton club is more classic
  12. i love both! :love: Love the bright pink lining on the cambon bags and love the metallic sheen and chains on the cotton clubs! :love:
  13. I am in the UK, London and NEVER see fake cambons only fake LV which look diseased:throwup:
  14. I love both. I have 3 Cambon bags and don't let the fact that they're counterfeited bother me...authentic bags will always be classic. Fakes won't.
  15. actually there are already counterfeited Cotton Clubs, someone was dumb enough to post one here! LOL!
    Cambon is the most faked, but so are all of LV's, buy what you like!