Is the cambon also included in price hike?

  1. Sorry, if this has already been asked before. I m looking to buy the cambon bowling bag next month and wanted to know if I should save a little extra. Please someone help! Thanx in advance x:yes:
  2. Yes, the cambon line is included in the price hike. I just got my long lusted after large tote in black with white CC's from Chanel in Hawaii and my SA said it was going up almost $400 for that bag. Buy it fast!!
  3. :wtf: Oh my goodness!! I can't belive that, I live in the UK so I hope that only applies to the US. :s
  4. I heard it was increasing but not quite the hike as the classics. I heard $100 more only.
  5. Well, the medium tote is $1350 now, I think it was 1195 or 1295 before...
  6. If it is only gone up by that much, then that is okay:sweatdrop: . Thanx everyone for ur replies and clearing that up for me.