is the cabas line part of the permanent collection?

  1. Sorry for asking such a dumb question. But i had to ask - is it too late to get one? :wtf:

    If not, what colors and sizes are available?

    TIA! :yes:
  2. I don 't know if it is permanent or not, but I do know that they are bringing it back for fall. I know black for sure and I think Khaki/bronze. I don't think they will be as hard to get as they once were. They are starting to trickle into stores. My SA just found me one:yes:
  3. ???????
  4. It's not confirmed if it's a permanent collection or not. You can try contacting a Chanel Boutique to find you one.. Even though it's quite hard to find the Cabas in Black / White right now. But yes, some other colors are coming out this fall.
  5. no, right now it's not a Timeless Classic/permanent.
  6. actually, i find it the other way around, the metallics are harder to find than the black and white.
  7. Ask your SA to try to locate one for you. I think they will be able to. Good luck.
  8. Chanel SA's in london are not that nice in london unfortunately!!

    Called today and they said they are not doing it this fall :sad:
  9. I don't think it's permanent.
  10. :yes: Chanel SAs in London are mostly bad (not all but mostly).

    Mimi, I saw a Black baby cabas in Selfridges yesterday and I think they are more coming in the stock soon.
  11. Thanks vicky!! will check it out. By any chance is there any other colors out there?

    I'm a bit bored of black
  12. I saw only black one on the display. I don't know whether they got another color in the stock.
  13. I asked a Chanel boutique and was told that they will not have the cabas for fall, while some department stores will. The way he said "department stores" sort of made my blood run cold. Creepy! Anyway, I hear NM is a no, Nordie's is a yes. Saks I have no info about. It may mean nothing, but that did not have the ring of "permanent collection" to it. Love the cabas, though.