Is the Brown Jumbo Classic Flap with Silver Hardware still available?

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  1. I saw pictures on here and it's gorgeous! But I don't think I have seen the brown in the classic flap. Only the GST.

  2. I went to all 3 Chanel locations in Beverly Hills yesterday, and they only seemed to have the Jumbo Classic Flap in Black and White. If you find it in Brown, please let me know. Thanks!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  3. Anyone know?
  4. There is one BUT lambskin at Saks/NYC

  5. Went to Chanel in NM at Willow Bend in Plano, TX yesterday and they had one on display, I almost scored one:graucho:, it's gorgeous. BTW, they also had a black caviar with SH and GH, let me tell you, the Black jumbo with GH stands out more than the SH. I had Traci (SA) help me out. I wanted to see if they have the medium sized flap in caviar but they didn' have any in stock.:sad:
  6. hmm have u tried calling Nordstrom to see if they have any?
  7. My SA just called me to let me know he got the brown jumbo caviar in today. PM me if you want his info.
  8. Call Lisa Hamlin, I believe she has one.. her number is 248-635-8442..
  9. Yah - NM at Troy, MI definitely has a brown caviar jumbo with silver hw.
  10. Nordstroms- mall of the americas called me today and they have them.
  11. This original thread is one year old. ( aug 2007) i am sure starbrite found one by now. but yeah, there are some brown jumbo came this season, fr patent, lambskin to caviar.. GL.
  12. Bloomingdales in Southcoast Plaza had both the PST and a medium [I think] Caviar classic flap last Saturday. Good luck.

  13. You can try Maiden Lane SF, I believe they still have one on display last week.
  14. I was just at Saks a few days ago, and I saw the brown caviar jumbo flap on display. It's beautiful. It was at Saks in Beverly Hills.
  15. I saw a brown classic flap in caviar at Heatrow airport about a week ago. So they are still around