Is the "Brooklyn" collection in store now?

  1. I am just wondering if the "Brooklyn" collection is available now? Can someone post more pics from the Brooklyn collection besides the below one?


    Thanks a lot! :yes:
  2. Not in London yet, but in Paris, France.
  3. I just got mine on Saturday in New York. My first Chanel, yay!!
  4. Yes, Chanel boutique in BH has it.
  5. From the chanel website:
  6. There is one available at the Boston Chanel....ask for Leslie...
  7. Hi,

    Which Brooklyn did u buy? Can you post the pic and share with us? May I know how much is your bag? Thanks a lot!!! ;);)

  8. Which one of the Brooklyn bags is the smallest, and the price? Any pics? Thankyou.
  9. I got the flap but it has been sent to me so I haven't received it yet. I will try to post piics when I get the bag!
  10. curly,

    I am so looking forward to your pictures!!! Thanks a lot! :drool:
  11. Chanel boutique in Short Hills has the line.
  12. CHANELboy said there are 4 styles from Brooklyn collection, just wonder besides the flap and hobo, what will be the 3rd and 4th styles look like?
  13. ^I tried on a N/S tote style at the trunk show. Not sure what the 4th style is.
  14. Still searching for a bag in this collection. Does anyone know the one that's of the smallest size, and probably the cheapest of the four? Thankyou.
  15. the 4 styles of the brooklyn collection are:
    - flap
    - cabas style (wide)
    - n/s cabas style (tall instead of wide)
    - hobo

    they are all around the $2800+ range. the difference in price between styles might be about $100.