Is the brief a good over the shoulder bag?

  1. So I finally get to buy a balenciaga bag!!! I am debating between the city or the brief. I really like the brief... However, the city is a classic style. Can any brief owners tell me if the brief can be carried over the shoulder comfortably or show me pictures of the brief on your shoulder. Which style is more practical for every day? Which one is bigger?

    Opinions greatly appreciated!
  2. The brief is definately bigger, it is a lot taller. I personally prefer the city....but the brief is differnet and a little more interesting...
  3. I have the Marine Brief, it's bigger,and more of a Tote. Not an over the shoulder type like the Day or the City. I am of a small frame, but I cannot fit over my shoulder! I guess you could if you're size of Nicole :graucho:

    Besides, IMO the style is not for over the shoulder. It's kindda funny that way.
  4. Do you have any pics of you wearing it? I just want to get any idea on how it looks on... I'm 5' about you?
  5. Oh P.S.: I am 5' 6" and I can fit the Breif over my shoulder, but I can fit the City over my shoulder too...but in my opinion both look better handheld...if you are looking for a shoulder bag I would say the city because it has the shoulder strap...I would take pics but I don't own the Brief...just trying it on in store....The brief looks BEAUTIFUL in marine BTW.
  6. Hihihihi... I would more than happy to pose in my lovely bag for you.. but that was about 2 years ago.. :nuts: . Now after I had my daughter, I am still trying to loose the darn 10LBS and i am not doing good at it :nuts: :nuts: :push: :hysteric: .

    But seriously, if you're looking for more of a practical, daily use I would prefer the City. You cant go wrong with the style (and fit over the shoulder, too):yes:

    By the way, look under the post Celebrities with assorted B bags.. there is a recent post with pics of Nicky Hilton carrying the Brief. Hope that helps.
  7. Sorry for the outfit:shame: :shame:
    Bale 029.jpg
  8. Your b-bag is breath taking! What height are you? Is it comfortable over the shoulder? What color is that? Thanks by the way for posting picture.
  9. I'm 1.63 cm ( i think is 5.2")... I feel it comfortable over the shoulder...
    It is naturel
  10. I have a Brief with the giant hardware and it fits pretty well on my shoulder. I'm not a tiny chick--5'4", size 14. However, the "outer" handle occasionally falls off my shoulder.

    I actually think with time the handles might stretch a little and will be a much better fit on my shoulder.