is the brass pieces on all items 'protected? plastic'ed? wrapped?'

  1. hi...i was wondering

    if the brass pieces on all items are 'protected? plastic'ed? wrapped?'

    because...i bought the astropill...then returned it because the brass piece was

    SCRATCHED!:tdown: mini scratches here...there...

  2. not always. I got my MC trouville from the store and it didn't have that protective plastic on the zipper pull or the corners. But there was no scratch on it.
  3. Yup, not always.

    I don't ever recall seeing any accessories like keychains with blue protective plastic wrapping, but I have seen them with white protective plastic wrapping:

  4. It all depends. When an item arrives, the hardwares are usually protected. The reason why most don't have the plastic on them is because an SA has removed it.
  5. :crybaby:i hate...inconsistent anything...sigh... :sad:
  6. The SA is supposed to remove all hardware coverings before wrapping and giving to the customer. They are instructed to do this. Eluxury is an exception to this rule, 99% of the time the hardware is covered. Perhaps Eluxury leaves it on, because it could be a return or exchange. In the boutique, most customers buying usually keep their purchase.
  7. ^
    Another thing with e-lux, they send it through mail. In order to avoid scuffs during the sometimes harsh treatment of the postal system, it's safer to keep it on.

    What exactly are these "scratches and scuffs"? Could you please post pictures?

    I've never received any scartched items from the store at all. However, little tiny scratches may appear over time, sometimes quickly depending on how you use the item. Even flaking and tarnishing does happen over time.
  8. how about the luggage tag that comes with keepalls?
  9. True- the hardware wrapping is meant to protect the bag while in transit or warehouse storage but doesn't make for an elegant presentation within a boutique.
  10. yeah, i can't imagine if they will put it plastic wrapped in display boutique LOL
    although i think they should still keep it wrapped in stocks, some people are very anal about this, not me luckily :p
  11. i'd hate to be your regular SA :sweatdrop:
  12. :sad:i know...

  13. None of my LV's have ever had a plastic protected.
  14. Yes, the SA's are instructed to remove all the wrapping before selling it. Sometimes I ask my SA to just leave it on.
  15. yep. my SA always takes all the plastic off. but when i used to order from elux mine didnt come with protective plastic