Is the Box too small??

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  1. OK since I've officially joined the bbag club with an Ink City I've been obsessing about my next purchase(s)!!! :biggrin:

    In the immediate term, I've been dreaming about a fun Rouille in either a Box or a Twiggy. I've been stuck on ateliernaff's site trying to decide between the two and figured I'd ask the experts for some input!!! :yes:

    If you have a Box are you happy with the size? I would use it as a fun going out bag, casual weekend bag for the essentials...but is it too small? Should I just go for a Twiggy??

    THANKS!!! :flowers:

    (p.s. the next 2 bbags I'm droooooooling over are Fall 06 - a Grenat purse and Sapin work. Or one of these in Twiggy if I get the Rouille Box). I wear a lot of dark clothes so these will totally fit into the wardrobe!
  2. I think the box is very roomy, holds tons of stuff. It is a very wide bag, you can really fit a lot into it. The twiggy was much too large for me, but the box is just right, with room to spare.
  3. i love my twiggy... i carry loads of stuff... so i find it to be perfect! welcome to the b-bag world!!!
  4. I had intended on getting a Twiggy but when I saw it in person, I didn't like it... so I ended up going between a first and a box and I got the box. I remember people saying, yeah but for a little more you can get a twiggy! on other threads, but I just didn't like the proportion, but obviously a lot of people do! Might be the most helpful to see it in person though.

    But yes... when I don't pack a lunch to work sometimes I just take my box... I can fit so much in it.
  5. I prefer the Twiggy. I don't carry a lot of stuff around with me, but when I tried the Box on in the store I felt it just looked too small.
  6. The box is a WONDERFUL size and very underrated, imo. I don't own one but I think it would be great in a bright color. It's not small at all- it's fatter so it fits more and doesn't lose its shape as easily. It's perfect if you're petite and don't want the twiggy to overwhelm you but still need the space.. if you get what I mean.. ^^
  7. the box is SO cute, imo.
    if you don't carry too much stuff, i think it's great!
  8. Thanks everyone, really appreciate your advice! :flowers: I don't get to see bbags IRL (I'm up in the mountains) so it helps to have descriptions. I think the verdict is....BOX in Rouille!! :yes:

    (also want a Twiggy in another color...that's my next bbag decision).
  9. i've gotta twiggy, but i agree that the box is adorable & i think it holds almost as much stuff as the twigster :rolleyes:
  10. I have 2 boxes one in magenta and another in the cornflower. Size-wise I think its a pretty good size and fits more than you would think. I would say that it fits as much as the average sized purse/handbag. Definitely bigger than a first. Also unless you have small arms it's not that comfortable carrying it over your shoulder. I prefer to carry it either on my arm or with the shoulder strap because otherwise it would feel like there's a big bulk under my arm, but that would depend on how much you carry in it. Hope that helps.:flowers:
  11. omigosh, chloesmygirl, i love your puppy-dog :love:
  12. Thanks!! That's chloe.:heart:
  13. When I was buying my Rouille Twiggy, I was also considering an Ink Box. I didn't choose the Box because it looked way too rectangular and I definitely prefer the more unstructured look. Also, it looked strange hanging from the strap (I never use the actual handles...just the long strap). The best is to try both on in real life. Before I saw both, I was definitely leaning towards the Box, but I'm glad I could compare it to the Twiggy.
  14. Thanks for the great insight, you guys! :flowers: I usually carry my bags by the handles or in the crook of my arm.

    Ashleyby - your Rouille was the first one I saw on PF, and I just :heart: it! It's my inspiration for this next purchase. :yes:

    Chloesmygirl...your little Chloe is adorable!! Chloe's MY girl too - I have Chloe the cat. :biggrin: I don't have pictures of her on the computer I'm using now but will have to post one sometime.
  15. Aww thanks!! :smile: Let me know if I can be of more help regarding the Rouille!