Is the box paddy bigger or smaller than original medium paddy satchel??

  1. I was on BG online a couple of days ago and I found one solitary small box paddington in CHOCOLATE on there :nuts: . Of course I whipped out my BG card and purchased it immediately. I even called to make sure it really existed and it was mine....the BG rep said I was sooooo lucky because they had just goten in one brand new box paddy because it had been ordered a super long time ago and it finally came randomly. So she should be here on tuesday! I am so happy I found a choco paddy after my TERRIBLE Nordstrom debaucle with them sending me a battered used and abused paddy. My question is the box the same size as the medium paddy satchel or is is different??? Thanks gals!
  2. i think it's a little taller... and the box is a rare and coveted item!!! keep it!!
  3. The box came with 2 sizes, the cosmetic box paddy with a mirror inside and the regular box. if you bought a small box one, its smaller than the medium but if you bought the lregular box paddy, its quite roomer than the medium paddy and yes its also bit taller. And i think they are very rare now. I bought a small one and i returned it because its way too small for me. either way, you will love it!
  4. i owned a box bleu nuit season 05, talk about RARE!, and it's definately larger than the reg. satchel just because it's not tapered on the top. you'll LOVE it. i saw that online at neiman's and didn't buy it!! i'm hitting myself right now!! you are so lucky! i've been searching for a box FOREVER and the one time it pops up i chicken out because i want to wait for a stupid sale! stupid, stupid, stupid! anyhoo, ENJOY IT!!
  5. OMG, you have been holding out on us!! :nuts:

    PICS pleeze pleeze!! :yahoo:

  6. have u not read my very first post? well when neiman's FIRST opened up in SA,TX i went straight there and what do i see??? a bleu nuit BOX paddington. the only one!! well i put it on hold for ONE day and the next day bought it. as soon as i paid i took it out of the bag in the store and the handle came off!! :hysteric:they had to send it to chloe for repairs and it was gone for a whole month!! by the time i FINALLY gotten it back, i had had to quit my job at Nordies (also new in SA) cuz at the time we weren't making any yes, i had to return it. I STILL think about my long lost paddy :crybaby: isn't that the saddest story? that's why now i'm searching desperatly for something close to my paddy.
  7. this is an absolute true story.:true:
  8. ^^ How traumatic!!!!


    Your poor kid!! To be tempted like that is worse than never having seen it at all, LOL.
  9. i know! to know that i let it slip out of my hands kills me! why oh why did i return it?!?! :noggin:
  10. It should be here tomorrow :nuts: . Although I am mad because I ordered it on 01/18 and got it overnighted.....yet it will not be here till tomorrow :s . I called BGT though and they credited ALL of my shipping :yahoo: . I will definitely post pics. Also, is it sometimes called the "loaf" too?? In the online photo it looked more like a smaller loaf than the tall box paddy that I have seen IRL. I guess I will just have to wait....sigh...
  11. is this the style??


  12. javascript:popUp('/store/catalog/productImagesPopup.jhtml?selected=mg&item=prod24180188',570,565,'yes');

    OMG here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna try and order it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be right back.
  13. :hysteric:DAM#. in my excitement i didn't see that it said item not available. :crybaby:well this is the one i had in bleu nuit.

    KRISTIE- is this yours????
  14. Yes that is it! I got it today and it is soooooooooo soft and smooshy! The only tiny negative thing about it is that the handles (The top layer in the middle that wraps around) are really loose and slide around. Also, on one of them, the stitching is extremely close to the edge of the leather...Makes me worried that it may rip one day! :confused1: I will post pics tonight if the BF isn't around to laugh at me while I pose in the mirror like a dork!