Is the Bouvier / jackie o handbag still popular?

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  1. I'm really debating on whether I should get this style. it looks so beautiful on jackie o! is this still "in"?

    and i'm thinking whether i should get plain leather or guccissima... is the style comfortable? does it seem like a streamlined/thinner version of the horsebit hobo? is it easy to access your stuff inside the bag?
  2. I have this one in violet suede and love it...easy to grab things and beautiful!
  3. No, I do not think it is still "in" which is GOOD because there are no more fakes around! I think it's a classic and a definite yay for me.
  4. Great,beautiful classic...i own several ones myself :yes: The last one i purchased is the large Flora Bouvier :heart:
  5. I agree, such a classic, you can't go wrong!
  6. The bouvier is such a classic...and I absolutely LOVE the guccissima leather bouviers...gorgeous! Definitely on my list of must-haves...
  7. i love the bouvier... i originally bought the large one in the choco guccissima, but for some reason, the shape or size was bothering me. it looked too triangular even with stuff in it. i got the small white guccissima one which i like much better and that i can reach in easier.