Is the Botkier Bianca a keeper?

  1. Hello Gorgeous TPFers! I have a large Botkier Bianca in black with gold hardware that I bought in 2006. It held up well, I don't use it often and I can say it's still in good condition except for the edges being slightly worn, meaning dark grayish as opposed to the deep black color of the bag.

    Question is, do I keep the bag or just sell it? I'm 50-50 now and I still get great complements on it but I'm worried since the lambskin is so delicate it might not hold up in the next couple of years and might as well get rid of it now while I can still get a good value out of it.

    Opinions to help me decide please??? Thanks in advance.
  2. Keep it. Put it up for awhile. You may miss her and want to carry her again.
  3. I say keep her. I love the style and I don't think it's too trendy looking. However, if you find that in the past 3 months you rarely have used her, then maybe you are better off getting rid of her to make room for something you'll really love.
  4. The rumour is that this style is being discontinued. I'd keep it just in case you miss it. If you don't, you may get a better price for it when they become scarcer.

    I always wanted to get one of these bags, because my oldest daughter is named Bianca. I never did. I think the style is cute and not too trendy.
  5. I think I'd keep it. I'm not an ebayer but I can't imagine you'd get that much for a used bag that shows some wear. I love Bianca, especially the large.
  6. Keep it! It's a great bag and you should get many more years of enjoyment out of it.
  7. Thanks for everyone's inputs on keeping it. I was actually really tempted to sell since I can't find a brand new one (in black at least) online and I did post it on craigslist and got serious inquiries at $350. Obviously, I'm not making a profit but will my $350 today be still $350 in the next few months or a year at least? If so, then I can wait and enjoy it (given the very rare times I use it) for another couple of months till I get really sick of it. ;)
  8. Well, if you are sure that you're going to be "sick of it in a couple of months," sell it while you've got good offers.
  9. I say sell it! You sound like you're on the fence about it. Sell it and get something you love!
  10. I think the bag is a staple. If it was me, I'd find me a new one (they are on eBay still and a few odd shops) and sell your used one. That way you have a new one to last for awhile. The bag is discontinued except for the patent bags this Spring so the older plain leather styles will be harder and harder to find.
  11. fyi, the large bianca is not in the s/s collection...if that changes your mind at all! good luck deciding!
  12. If you're not sure about it, I think that you should sell it...or, imagine that you don't have it anymore...and see how you feel..if you are indifferent, sell it...if you feel sad that you don't have it anymore, keep it!
  13. Thanks Ladies... I ended up keeping it for now ;)
  14. I say keep it because at a bare minimum, this bag is great for days out and traveling because of the zip closure, lack of visible logo and many pockets.

    That being said, I hunted ALL over for a black leather medium bianca and a kind TPFer helped me to find one for a good price. You can barely find the bag at all now and even the websites that usually carry the patent colors are mysteriously no longer selling them. Even the botkier site doesn't have any on sale. I have no idea if the bags are just sold out or what, but it is so strange how websites have them for full price and then poof - they are gone - not in the sale section, etc. I definitely think they have been discontinued (which selfishly makes me feel better, because if they were on the botkier site for $200 like some of the others, I would have felt a little guilty about not waiting 3 more weeks til the sale!) I also really like that it is logo free since the rest of my bags are lv and gucci.