Is the bordeaux gst very versatile--in competition with the brown for an everyday bag

  1. I am debating about a gst at all, but then about color, too:smile:
  2. I like both colors so I'm no help!
  3. I think teh brown is slightly more verstail personally.
    The bordeuax is got a deep purple color to it.
  4. I prefer the bordeaux because I wear more black than brown so it would go with more in that regard. The most versatile IMO though would be the black, but I know you did not menion that as an option so I would vote for bordeaux.
  5. I'd go for the bordeaux, beacuse you can wear it with everything black (because of it's purple-ness) and brown! I haven't seen IRL, so i'm not sure about it. GO to the boutique and just see what colour suits your style.
  6. I would vote for black but since that isn't an option then go for brown. I like the bordeaux, but I would think its harder to match than brown.
  7. I have a bordeaux on hold-haven't actually seen the color in person yet-seems like an exciting color to perk up my fall black wardrobe!
  8. i have the gst in dark brown... while i was at the store, i compared it to the bordeaux and the black... and i picked the brown because...

    1. the black was pretty but it just looked too functional...
    2. the bordeaux was very pretty but the shade was just a little too much to convince me that i would use it again and again
    3. i couldn't put the brown down!!!!
  9. jeshika--did you get your dark brown at a Chanel boutique, or at a Neimans or Saks?
  10. I just bought the Bordeaux, and I'm in love. It's a very versatile color, b/c it picks up on the browns in your outfit, or the blues, and it looks fabulous with black. The brown is pretty, but I found it very limiting. The black is nice as well, but it's not great with navy.

    Since I bought it (only two days ago), I've worn the Bordeaux with jeans, navy, and even bright red, and it looks amazing!
  11. I think both is great, brown if you want to be on the safe side.
  12. Both are great choices. I would try them both on and pick which ever feels best.
    Can't go wrong either way :smile:
  13. I :heart: both! I know, I'm not help!
  14. ^^^ Oh my god, go away!!
  15. For me the two colors are in competition, I'm 99.9% sure I'm getting a dark brown pst but if it winds up comming in in bordeaux I still want to take a look at it.