is the Blue Glacier every coming out? or is it out already?

  1. Havent seen it in stores and no one seem to have it here.

    was wondering if we're ever going to see this color.:wtf:
  2. Yes it's out..Nordies in Sacramento has the weekender w/ GH and the city w/ reg hardware and they are waiting on the PT w/ reg hardware..if you are interested call Sarah Hinkle 916-646-2400 and she'll help you out..she is AWESOME. She is off tomorrow (Thurs) but will be in Friday and Saturday..
  3. I called Daphne today at BALNY to ask about my BG bags...she said The Day hasn't come in but they have a first, a city and a few with GH.
  4. I bought a City a few weeks ago.
  5. I've seen a RH Work & City at NM White Plains just yesterday and tons of other styles w.the GH