Is the Blue Crash all gone?

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  1. I just got my pre loved blue crash AP, and OMG I am in love. Before I get my hopes up and start scheming, does anyone know if there is any left? If there is, I would seriously consider getting a matching Hold Me.
  2. hi lanasyogamama - girl do I hear you on this one!

    I too was deeply affected after seeing the dark blue crash in real life. My suggestion would be to email Jackie and Rose right away to ask.

    It is such a gorgeous leather!
  3. Yeah, I figured I'd have to. I'll post back the answer!
  4. On the site it says blue crash is out of stock and only available for the Kiss Me bespoke...
  5. They said they have some! I asked if there is enough to see if there was interest for a group bespoke or not.
  6. LoveHandbags! - I like that term, "deeply affected". I brought my new baby to work so I could stare at it today!
  7. Lana, come join us on the Blue Crash Kissie bespoke, too!!
  8. LOL! I'm a hold me / ap girl! I'm going to see if anyone is interested in a blue crash hold me! I already have an IRL friend on board!
  9. How about a Tote Me?
  10. I love the square bottom of the Hold me, it reminds me of an H Pitocin.