Is the Bleeker Duffle really that big?

  1. No, not at all, and that is the most USELESS function of the COACH website.

    That thing is never to scale, and bags that they have said should look proportionate to my height, are WAY TOO SMALL and the drop is never appropriate.

    It's best to search for Bleecker/Bleeker in the forum and you'll find pictures.

    If you want to see some on, here's my INK duffle (large). I'm 5'5" and I weigh enough, TYVM!!




  2. The Bleeker Duffle is really not that big at all. I love my green one and have carried it every day since I got it. I am really loving this bag. It is a slim bag which lies nicely on the side of the body. I must say that I catch people staring at my bag everytime I am out and about in NYC. If you love this bag I say go for it in any color. I can't wait to see what Bleeker styles will come out for the Spring 2008.
  3. call me crazy, but that is one BIG bag! LOL....looks great on you but I could fit my whole life in that bag!:graucho: I'm used to the Legacy shoulder bags..LOL...obviously! :rolleyes:

  4. I like big bags but I think that one is just TOO big for me. I think the medium size would be just right though. I really love the look of this bag. Your pics are so helpful blackbutterfly.
  5. Thanks for the input. I was looking at the regular sized, not the large, as I'm sure it is too large. I like smaller bags.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks "try this bag on" seems useless. They never look quite like that IRL!
  6. I have tried on the medium but don't have any pics of it. It is a good sized bag and not large at all. A friend of mine has it in the KH/KL combo and she is tiny. It looks great on her. I find it too small for me but I prefer larger bags.
  7. I have seen the 2 different sized Bleeker Duffles in person, and to me they looked HUGE! I am 5 ft tall, and I would never consider one, I think I could almost fit into the large one! LOL! I think they are very nice looking and would be okay for someone who has alot of stuff to carry and are taller. I thought I would almost be dragging it on the ground (lil exaggeration). Gorgeous bag, just too big. I have the Bleeker Large Flap, and was concerned about the size of that one, but it seems just right to me.
  8. the funny thing about the try it on feature is the HUGE discrepancy between the medium duffle and the large duffle!! they make the large look tiny and the medium look RIDICULOUSLY big.

    keep in mind that mine is the large, and i am a big bag really for me, this bag is PERFECT and I'd even go BIGGER!! (go big or go home, ROFL). but in all seriousness, the medium is a great size and i don't think that one is that big, but of course, this is coming from someone who likes huge bags.
  9. On any pics even on real people, I think it's a BIG bag. :wtf:
  10. To give you a sense of scale, when I put a magazine into my large duffle, it leaves about an inch and a half of clearance between the top of the magazine and the zipper.
  11. Very cute bag but that shot on the Coach websites makes it look like the woman is getting eaten by the bag !
  12. I saw the small sig bleeker duffle 11443 at Macy's today. I'm 5'1" and I think it's the perfect size for me.
  13. I'm 5 ft exactly and just got the medium Bleeker duffle in RUST. It's gorgeous, roomy and the PERFECT size for me. Plus, you can wear it across your body. Maybe you should look again at the medium size.
  14. I would love to see pics of you wearing the medium duffle!