Is the black metallic reissue a classic?

  1. I know reissues are generally classics, but do you think that the black metallic reissue will stand the test of time as a true classic, with it's unique shine and tarnished hardware? Please give me your opinions since I recently ordered one.
  2. i don't think so. reissues are quite limited, at least i consider them limited 'seasonal'. i don't think the colors will be repeated unless it is highly demanded for, for example, for spring they will be having reissues again, but in metallic dark green, bronze, gold, purple and navy. take pics when you get her! :smile:

  3. i personally think its classic.. probably just the variety of the fabric, hardware and the finishing from this year to another, but as long as black bag , and its chanel flap, i will always consider its a timeless..that just my opinion...
    congrats on your bag, pls post picture!!! :tup:
  4. I do agree w/minnie04 , isnt' the reason for the anniversary 2005 to celebrated the 50th anniv.?? because it has been in the Chanel collection for 50 years? right?, now about the jersey ones, then maybe are consider seasonal bags but not the leather ones and spylove22 -yes they're classic, even metallics.
  5. I think the Metallic Black Reissue will definitely be a classic bag to keep, even though the treatment of the leather is seasonal. It is by far the most chic black on the reissue collection. Just talk to the Chanel 1800 customer service and she told me that biggest size for the reissue in spring will be the 227. So grap your Jumbo reissue now or you won't be able to see it coming out again for a while. At least not until next winter!
  6. I'm assuming the waiting lists for the reissue in purple and blue are miles and miles long?