Is the Birkin passe?

  1. here is a quote from the Times on line (link below to entire article)

    Note those provisos, because in time all classics become predictable and have to be rethought. Even the Hermès Birkin is becoming ubiquitous to the point where fastidious status-hunters are putting theirs in storage in favour of Bottega Veneta’s equally luxurious, but more anonymous, bags.
  2. They can say it but I was in Bottega Their bags are lovely but its totally different. Boho, organic etc etc. Hermes goes urchin heroin chic to upper east side ladies who lunch; conservative to wild child........very few other brands can go with so many extremes stylistically. I dont think the lust for Hermes will dissipate. I do think that the more people who purchase birkins and become familiar with the brand they then buy the brand as a whole as opposed to just the bag...........
  3. The article is just one person expressing their opinion. :nogood:
  4. I plan to sell all my handbags and carry only "H"
  5. That's quite funny because I'm considering a red BV Veneta at the moment.

    I always thought I wouldn't get a Birkin mostly because they seemed a little ...well...obvious so I wanted a HAC. Of course, the moment I saw MY bag I instantly fell in love and had have it even though it was a chubby, short Birk rather than a HAC.

    Still, some of the reasons why I'm considering a BV right now is the fact that they are 1- hand-made and the servise is supposed to be good 2- fairly under the radar and 3- more likely to go on sale as the people in my area seem to prefer more obvious Labels
  6. It seems as though when something becomes popular, I find it to be less appealing.

    This is one of the reasons why I prefer the Kelly to the Birkin. I don't want to be looking like a clone plus I prefer the design of the Kelly anyway.

    The trend will probably die down soon enough.
  7. Well I am not going to stop carrying Hermes bags, but I choose a Birkin less and less these days.
    Have even stopped obsessing about my next Birkin as I used to do.
  8. I'm such a sales associate showed me a red BV on sale just yesterday...I think I'll pick it up tomorrow morning!!
  9. I love mine.....not passe for me! I feel lucky to have the ones I've GOT!!!!
  10. I did that last fall :p I hadn't been using any of them for a long time, I only kept one for sentimental reasons.

    About the Birkin being way! :love:
  11. ITA. H transcends many walks of life. I am chagrined that the Birkin is so recognizable; I carried them more when they were less so. I basically dress for myself and myself only, however, so, the trends ultimately won't affect my love for H bags which I plan to carry forever, whether they are considered "in" or not.
  12. Absolutely! These writers need something to say to justify their existence. She probably has one friend who put her Birkin away and got a BV so she now acts like everyone is doing it. I doubt what she says and what most writers say. I worked for my company's magazine division for several years, so I've seen first-hand how these articles come about. I guess that's why I am such a cynic.
  13. It may be passe to those who considered it the latest 'it' bag. To others who consider it a staple of their wardrobe I'm sure it won't be. Everything is relative.
  14. I say wear what you love. Who cares what this particular editor thinks.

    As D's pointed out, I feel truly blessed to have my meager collection!
  15. My friend tried to get me to passe mine to her (see my avatar) but I held on tight and I am staying with it!!! LOL