is the birkin in clemence or togo a true everyday bag?

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  1. is it an every day bag can wear anywhere and dont need to get scared of wear tear or is it only a lunch or coffee kind of everyday bag?
  2. Yes radhika - you can use it everyday in these leathers. A real workhorse.
  3. Yep, I wholeheartedly agree with this too
  4. I'm using my Clemence Birkin today and it's raining, not only I don't cover it with rain protections of any kind, but I don't even dry it with a dry cloth, I do when it rains a lot, but not with a light drizzle....and it's just fine!
  5. Both clemence and togo are very sturdy and good for everyday. However, clemence can get slouchy and togo retain the shape better. The slouchy or structured look is a personal preference.
  6. Yes. They really are durable leathers. I love using my birkins (one clemence and one togo). And I use them without fear!
  7. Yes, I have a clemence and a togo and they are like the engergizer bunny!! They hold up exceptionally well!
  8. Fjord is another great everyday workhorse option. Rain or shine! It is not as heavy as it used to be and is even more structured than togo or clemence.
  9. Im pretty happy with togo for everyday!
  10. I seriously use mine everyday...unless it's raining. I don't use any H bags on rainy days!!
  11. No worries with these. As long as a handheld bag is an everyday bag for you and not a shoulderbag, then a birkin in these leathers will work perfectly!
  12. I use my togo and clemence birkins as everyday bags even in the rain. However, I do keep a waterproof pouch like the envirosax inside my bags just in case of heavy rains. If it's a slight drizzle, I don't even bother.
  13. Yes
  14. Yes. They've performed beautifully for years.
  15. Yes. How's your enquiry at the H store? Any good news?