Is the Birkin for Me?

  1. Help...I need advice. I have owned two Birkins...a 30cm Black Clemence w/Palladium HW and a 35cm Chocolate Togo w/Gold HW. Both have been sold because I felt the 30cm was too small for me and the 35cm was too large and heavy. Ok...the dilemma is that I was at Target today and saw someone dressed casually carrying a 35cm Ebene w/Palladium HW Birkin!!:sweatdrop: It looked like Epsom.:s I really loved it!!:love: I understand from previous posts that Epsom is not a favorite:push:, but to my eyes I really loved the way the Birkin held it's structure and the matte finish it had.:yes: Do you think I should buy another 35cm Birkin in the future or forget it and if I do should it be in Epsom or some other leather.:confused1:
  2. What about a 32cm HAC in Ebene? It's not too small, not too large...just right ;) I like leathers that hold their shape as well! If not Epsom, maybe boxcalf, VL or chamonix?
  3. Thanks amkur...I tried holding the HAC 32cm and the shape didn't appeal to me, but thanks for suggesting those other leathers.
  4. Have you tried other Hermes handbags? I'm sure you will find one that puts a smile on your face.
  5. LH, I think ebene in VL is superb, esp with gh. I fell in love with it after seeing it in a Kelly. And it's one of the lighter leathers too.
  6. coleigh...I do love 32cm Kellys and 31cm Bolides!

    Serenity...I had a VL in a 35cm Kelly and it didn't "do" anything for me, but thanks for suggesting it. It is a gorgeous leather!
  7. I was going to suggest the 32 HAC, but sounds like that might not be for you.
    It might be worth trying on the 35 in the stiffer leathers... I find that the bag visually looks smaller in the stiffer leathers and they will be lighter than your clemence one for sure.
  8. Was it the colour of the 35 Kelly you had or the size, or the whole combo in general that you weren't fond of? The Kelly I saw was 32 sellier in ebene and it was stunning.:love: But you were fine with the VL leather itself, right? Maybe check this out in a 35 ebene Birkin. Or just try a 35 VL Birkin (any colour) just to feel the weight and see if it's ok for you?
  9. Thanks tweetie...I didn't know that the bag looks smaller in the stiffer leathers.
  10. I think it was the size of the Kelly probably. It was black and I love black. I would like the Birkin to be black.
  11. I personally love the way epsom holds it shape, while still being light--I love the structured Birkins. Check it out, you might LOVE it!
  12. I love structured birkins, too.
  13. :yes: i love everything with substance and epson is what i call a very eyepleasing leather unfortunately it is not handpleasing to some. just check itout you might like it
  14. I don't fancy Epsom leather. It's too stiff and once it is scratched (even minor one), there is no going back.
  15. Yes, how do you feel about a structured Bolide?

    If you are really set on a Birkin in a structured leather, there are many to choose from! If Epsom floats your boat, you should go for it but the previous comment about the corners is very true, IMO. And in a 35 (well, at least for me), it's difficult to keep the corners from being banged into things.