Is the Birkin Bag inspired by LV's Steamer

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  1. Is it true that the Birkin Bag is inspired by Louis Vuitton's steamer bag?

  2. no
  3. Then why do they look similar?
  4. I love that Steamer bag from LV.....the steamer looked different back in the day. I thought as the previous poster said, Birkin was created more recently meaning in a 30yr past.
  5. Here's a Coach bag that looks similar to the Birkin. Oh, and by the way, this Coach bag is pretty new:

    Designers seem to copy the shape and style of the bag a lot but not every detail. Versace seems to copy the Le Fabuleux and Speedy shapes from LV, but not to the point where they'll get sued.
  6. I read somewhere on tPF (don't remember where) that the top of the LV Steamer actually was the inspiration for the Birkin...
  7. The Birkin came from Hermes Haut a Courroies. I don't know when the HAC came about, but I think it's been around for a while.
  8. I'm not positive, but I think that, if anything, it is the other way around.
  9. ive seen so many bags that resemble the birkin that i dont even know what to think of anymore! i used to be really crazy about getting the birkin at least in this lifetime (lol!), but the way i see it......(sorry birkin devotees and fans!)
    to the OP, im not so sure if the birkin is inspired by the LV's steamer, but that coach bag is not too bad looking~~ (and at a fraction of the cost!)
  10. I read that it was the inspiration and that it was made for Jane Birkin
  11. VERY MULBERRY! :wtf:
  12. The haut à courroie (or HAC) is the first bag by Hermès. It is called like that because the bag is tall (haut) and fastened by a belt (courroie). According to a story, it's inspired by a bag Èmile-Maurice saw in Argentina: a bag which gauchos used to carry saddles. It then became the saddle-bag offered by Hermès.

    The Birkin is named after Jane Birkin, who was together with Jean-Louis Dumas on an Air France flight going from Paris to London in 1984. Jane told Jean-Louis that there wasn't any good weekend leather bag for women. Hermès then remodeled the haut à courroie, made its handles longer, the body shorter, the straps a bit narrower, and pockets were added to the interior of the bag. And so the Birkin was born.

    Therefore, no LV steamer bag in the Birkin history.
  13. To all you Birkin experts,

    I am in love in vintage bags hence my username on this forum...having said that I recently saw this bag that looks like a birkin but vintage. I love the style because it looks very used and shaggy...

    Now, the question is, if I were to get this bag and end up carrying around, would it look like I have just purchased this bag to replicate the Hermes birkin or would it just be appreciated for its vintage look?

    I understand that I can go ahead and just pick up the Birkin 40, but as a vintage lover, I feel the Hermes birkins are not old or vintagey enough for me..

    Please help...debating on this for a while..

    Thanks all..
  14. Wow that is all so interesting!
  15. Yes I always thought that!

    It was designed for Jane Birkin, but inspired by the LV steamer!