is the Birkin 35 too casual???

  1. is the Birkin 35 too casual to wear with a fitted dressy dress??? I always see people using their Birkin so casually with jeans, pants, shorts, etc...but not really with dressy clothes.
  2. Others may differ, but I consider the Birkin an inherently casual style. If you dress it up (small size, exotic) it can be 'dressy' I suppose but for me anyway, I don't carry Birkins (mine are all 35 cm) with dressy clothes. I prefer the Kelly or Bolide.
    I like my Birkins best with slacks; Kellys with skirts/dresses, and Bolide (only have one) with anything...
    Just my thoughts...
  3. I personally consider my Birkin tote a casual bag. I use it when I need a tote bag to carry around magazines, laptops etc. I would agree with Pepper that a Bolide or Kelly or some kinda smaller bag would be more appropriate for dressy outfits and occasions.

    I don't think the 35cm is meant to be a dressy bag however if you have a smaller 30 cm you might be able to pull it off. I have a 30cm black chevre on SO that I intend to use casually and when I go out to dinner but for dressier situation or if I go to the theatre I usually use my Kelly or Chanel quilted classics.
  4. I don't own a Birkin but based on looking at pictures of others, I don't think it looks good with dressy dresses. To my eye it just seems like too much bag/bulk relative to the dress.
    Maybe a Birkin 25 in a dressy leather (I think Star has one in black lizard) might work if you are tall.
  5. 35 is too big i's more of a practical everyday bag i think....
  6. I think a 25 or 30 is more suited to dressy occasions, though I've seen some really nice croc 35 pics with formal wear :biggrin:
  7. I tend to wear my Kelly for more formal events and my Birkin with everything else. It also depends on what you need to carry. There have been times where I've attended formal events with my son and carried my Birkin just so I could carry his stuff inside it.
  8. I think its too big.. maybe 25cm or 30cm?
  9. a little OT but somewhat related..
    so lets say if I have a 30cm..I can prob wear it a bit dressier than 35/40..
    if i want it really i just let the batwing hang out?:idea:
  10. ^ yup. :smile:

    I think a Birkin 35cm is fine for a daytime event (luncheon, party, shower) where you're wearing a dressy outfit/dress.
  11. Have to agree.....I think the Birkin 35 is too casual for pretty dresses. Maybe a 30cm in black Box calf would be ok or in exotics....
  12. I agree that a 35cm is definitely a casual bag. Depending on the skin or HW, a smaller Birkin *may* be used for dressier occasions but I personally don't care for the Birkin, in any size, as an evening/dressy bag.
  13. I agree...I think it depends on time of day, where you are going, and what "look" you are going for!
  14. Greentea thx!!
    You are the queen of flipflop on bolide sizes. I am for birkin. :smile:
  15. I guess it depends on the dress. I think a Birkin can look very nice with a skirt or dress, if it's not too too dressy. Up to, say, a dressy suit. There are lots of pictures in both the Hermes in Action and Stars and Hermes threads that show lots of great looks with birkins and dresses - and some not so great (esp. in Stars & Hermes, because no tpfer would ever look hideous) which is an even bigger help sometimes. If you live a very formal life and put on very fancy cocktail or long dresses, I think a very small evening clutch looks better.