is the bird in the bush better than the one in the hand?

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  1. So, I have a either/or question for you all....
    About 2 months ago I bought a black mona lethal -- I love cross body bags and saw this black one at neiman marcus -- I didn't have a black cross body yet. It's gorgous, but I find it's a little small for me....While browsing endlessly as always, I stumbled across the black obvious affection. I LOVE the feminine curves of this bag. I have been online stalking for weeks now, but I DO NOT NEED two black crossbodys.
    So, should I be happy with the mona lethal I have, or unload it on ebay in favor of the gorgous obvious affection??? All opinions are welcome! xo
  2. Well, while you may not NEED two black crossbody bags will you hate yourself if you do have two? :P

    Truthfully, I'm one of those people that needs to be 100% in love to keep a bag. If for some reason it's not 100% love I sell and move on to the next thing. If you find the ML is a little small you should sell it and try a different bag until you have a bag that elicits complete love.
  3. I agree...if it isn't something you are happy with, then sell it and get something you will love...but while you don't NEED 2 black crossbody bags...I see nothing wrong with having 2 if there are times you would use both!
  4. If you buy the obvious affection, will you use the mona lethal? I don't usually repeat colors with Tano although I've been tempted because I know I will probably not use both.
  5. Hmmmm if you snatch the OA I would keep the ML until you can compare the two in person, ya know? Then you can decide if you want both or if you can get rid of one of them. I'm a repeat style/color person though soooooooo I say both haha
  6. Seriously:goodpost:!!! Great advice to figure out what makes sense for you! And welcome to TANO!!
  7. Thanks for all of your post guys...I ordered the obvious affection any I'll just have to see in person. Does anyone else have either of these bags?? I think the functionality will be similiar in both bags -- it's just the shape and overall "mood" of the bags that I think will be different.

    And I'm not too new to Tano -- I purchased a bronze shopper a couple of years ago, and a blueberry (?) crossbody that I'm completely flaking on the name's late..sorry:sleepy:
  8. I have both, and to me they are pretty different. I don't wear either one cross-body though. The OA is a very nice round bag and is not quite as messenger-like as the ML. I have it in orange - I call it my pumpkin bag. I shortened the strap on the ML one day and kept it that way - though I do wear the petit larceny cross body, and the london edition I saw IRL the other day was really nice (garnet is REALLY nice).
    And what is wrong with repeating colors??? I didn't get that memo. In the world of boring black bags, tano crunch blacks are standouts.
  9. I agree with Voo. Get what you love. Also, if you are obsessed with it, it will drive you crazy until you get it! Sell the one you don't love.
  10. I don't have anything to add other than this SF is the best group of enablers.
  11. :lol: Isn't that the truth!
  12. So -- I went for it and got the obvious affection -- I love it -- it is more of a feminine bag -- I love the rounded bottom. I like that it's more of a bag that can go cross body versus a crossbody bag (like a messenger style). So, I'm thinking of parting with the mona lethal --- I have a blue comic effect (I think that's what it is called), which is a similiar shape -- and that bag is one of my favs. I need to post so many pictures....I'm going away on friday, but when i get back, I'll be on a picture uploading mission. Thanks to all the enablers for their encouraging words -- because of you, I have a beautiful new bag. (although my husbands mad cause he'll soon be on ebay duty:graucho:)
  13. YAY! Congrats! I can't wait to see all your pics....please include your Comic Effect.

    Maybe our hubby's can start a My Wife Buys Purses support group :P
  14. I am so glad you love the new bag!!! And I too can't wait for pictures...

    And I think my DH needs a support group! LOL!
  15. Yay, congrats on enjoying the new bag! Pics please for sure and I'd also love pics of the comic effect bag!!!!