is the billfold too masculin?

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  1. for you ladies out there, do you think the billfold (with 6CC slots) too masculin? do any of you have it? what are your thoughts on it?
  2. i dont think it's too masculine. i used to use a billfold since i liked having my wallet in the back pocket of my jeans. i think it's pretty practical.
  3. I use a Vivienne Westwood billfold right now. I don't think billfolds are too masculine! If you were to choose azur it wouldn't be masculine at all IMO!
  4. No, I actually love a billfold.
  5. I have been using billfold wallets since high school until now. I don't think it's masculin.
  6. but on the website it seems like it only comes in damier and mono... but not damier azur.. i might be wrong?
  7. Nope I have one in Mono and love it. It fits really well in my Pochettes!
  8. I have one in damier, and I think it is a great size. Great for putting it in jacket pockets, when I go out to the supermarket.
  9. I don't think they necessarily too masculine, just not practical for me because I like a compartment for change.
  10. I have a Porte Billets billfold in monogram. I don't think it's too masculine.
  11. No I don't think so. Plus, you can get it from the Epi line as well.

    I have this Epi billfold with 4 CCs & coin pocket at rear. I've used for more than 8 years & still hold up really well. :tup:
    LV Epi Billfold with 4CC & coin.jpg

    I looked at the billfold with 6 CCs before I got mine. If you have quite a number of cards, filling all 6 CC slots (& maybe 2 CC in 1 slot), the billfold may not fold up nicely. But this won't happened to the billfold with 4 CC slots somehow (maybe there's a flap). Plus, there are 2 extra hidden slots which you can put more CCs. ;)
  12. I think it would be fine.
  13. I hate carrying change ~ so I like the billfolds. I ended up getting a ludlow ~ man, that's one small wallet ~ even for me. I only carry a couple of cards at a time, but now I have to fold up my "folding money".
  14. At first I thought the same thing but I got over it and now I love it because it is compact. My daily wallet is the Epi yellow billfold with coin pocket. It is bright and cute and just the right size for my little hands.
  15. Not at all! I think they are unisex! I'd love the billfold with the coin purse!