Is the Biker Timeless???

  1. I'm sorry if there are any similar threads. I really want a biker but I think its a bit too pricey for a dying trend. I love ht bag but how versatile is it? Can I wear it casually, and professionally? Do you prefer brown or black? I have a week to decide if I want it and which color. Please help a girl out. TIA:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  2. i think the biker in black would be more versatile than the brown. i have the motard pochette and i've worn it both casual and going out.
  3. ^^^ I agree... the black seems more versatile than the brown.

    If it goes out of style, which it won't IMO, who cares? Just as long as YOU like it, that's all that matters!
  4. In a word, no. The Biker is a lovely bag but under no circumstances would I consider it a "classic". However it's not really "out there" so I think it'll age well and be perfectly carriable in the next decade or so.

    I myself prefer it in black.
  5. Thanks for the input you guys, I knew I could count on you to be honest. I'm still thinking about it, my BF likes the black one too. I like purchasing my bags knowing that I will love it and get use out of it for years. I'm a bit iffy about his one. It's gorgeous but I'm not sure about how I'll feel 2 yrs from one
  6. I totally agree^^Only difference is that I like or I should say I LOVE the brown :love:
  7. I don't think it is a classic bag but it is a stunning bag and who cares if it is a classic or not ...all that matters is what YOU think about it....I would love a black one:love:
  8. I have the black biker bag and I love it! I agree it's a pricey bag, but its so gorgeous! I get tons of compliments when I use it! I don't think that the bag will go out of style because its not really out there! I love the frame top! Its not a casual bag though because it is quite heavy and i'm always really careful when I use the bag!
  9. i love the biker bag!!!! i love the brown one
  10. Is the biker timeless? YES

    There is nothing really unusual in the shape or materials of the bag frame bags have been worn for decades yes you will be able to wear this bag for years and years to come

    Maybe I'm biased I have the brown oh and I really didn't like the brown from pics but once I saw it IRL well it was love
  11. I think the biker is timeless.
  12. Bkier is just as timeless as chanels and the stam. It's just a variation on the same theme.
  13. It's a gorgeous bag, and yes it's timeless as it's a limited edition bag.
  14. You guys are all amazing. To be honest I started falling in love when I saw you pics, Label Addict. Then when I saw it in person, i almost fainted. I really couldn't afford it, but now I can and I'm giving it real thought. The thing is that except for the 2-3 days that I hit the office, I'm pretty causal. i need a bag that will work both ways, but especially casual. It just so pretty, almost like a show piece. I might just put in a glass box in the living room. lol
  15. aww thank you! it is very true though it doesn't photograph any where near as hot as it is

    This bag totally fits you needs it works very well smart or casual and you can get it over your shoulder too it doesn't look as good like that but if your hands are full its nice to know it's tucked away safe
    the other thing even though it is monogrammed they don't scream out from the bag it's obviously very high quality but it doesn't slap you in the face with it KWIM