Is the big sale at gucci and saks this weekend?

  1. Does anyone know if the sale at gucci or Saks starts this weekend? I think it does but I'm not sure
  2. i know there's an act 1 sale starting wednesday, no idea what it is though.
  3. there are already many threds about this in here, please dont make duplicate just confuses everyone!
  4. can i have the link please Bella.. i dunt see it
  5. I don't know about Gucci, but Saks' big triple points event is May 31-June 3.
  6. Actually that is really not the same thread. This is specifically about this weekend. That is asking when gucci goes on sale not about memorial day weekend sales. Read the question
  7. ^^Thank you for saying that!!!
  8. yep..Unless you are a mod....noone has a right to tell anyone not to post..I thought it was a good question myself...

    well..PHH wouldnt like me knowing about the sales...LOL!
  9. Ditto ladies...What is in the air today?:wondering We all were getting along so well.:sad:
  10. right, I didnt say " Im the mod and im taking down the thread"
    coleen or whatever her name is posts like 250834905834 threads about the same damn thing. if you read the link i posted it tells you when the sale starts JUNE 1ST.

    interesting how the mod groupies stick together.
  11. Ya I just thought she was a little rude. I was just seeing if anyone knew anything about it. The reason I was asking was because I went to Saks fifth avenue three weeks ago and I asked the Sa if Gucci ever went on sale and she said yes. She said that the sale would be around the begining of june or memorial day weekend she wasn't sure and thats why I asked. Thanks for the support girls!!
  12. actually, if you read the ENTIRE thread it does say when the sale starts, JUNE 1ST.
  13. well if you didnt post 2358903480x about the same thing it would help clear up the confusion, the ORIGINAL thread specifically states it starts june 1st.
  14. Wow you are really rude!!!!!!!!!!!!