is the biba available in the USA anywhere?

  1. can someone help me find a biba in the USA???? pretty please?
  2. YEAY!!~ GOOD NEWS. I have a biba in white trim on hold for me right now but i wanted to cancel it because i want to get the new LV sunset blvd. clutch coming out. I was sulking because the biba is a good deal but if a TPF member wants it I'm willing to hand it over to you. Youre gonna have to charge send it from Rodeo Drive Gucci though. The price was $689 plus tax i think. Well let me know asap so i can call my SA. ^_^
  3. double post
  4. ok. i just called my SA for you. ^_^
  5. thanks so much, she called me and I was able to secure it for myself..YAY!!!!

    Like I told you earlier, I called every gucci store in every state and was told it was sold out, only the leather gucci bibas were available...thank you so much!! I owe you :smile:
  6. So lucky of you! Congrats!
    Are there any more available anywhere in the USA? I am looking for one as well...
  7. what color leathers were available babes?
  8. ^chocolate brown
  9. boo eww boo
  10. You're very welcome!!~ I'm glad everything went well for you. :tup:
  11. I've been desperately looking for this bag as well...:crybaby:If anyone sees one or decides they don't want one with the brown trim, please send me a PM! It can be anywhere, not just the U.S. Thanks in advance!