Is the Beverly GM practical to use?

  1. I haven't bought an LV in about 1-2 years. Anyway, I want another one now, and I LOVE the look of the beverly GM. I tried it on at the LV boutique and it was a great size for me. My question is... does the bottom bother you when its worn, uncomfortable under the arm?
  2. I love my Beverly GM, I think it's very comfortable under the arm as you can see from the pic:yes:, I just got it so I am VERY careful with the bottom, hopefully won't get any stains EVER!!
    LVBeverlyGM 005crop.jpg
  3. Oh, its gorgeous! Thanks for posting.
  4. I use my Beverly GM everyday and it's very comfortable but heavy when i put a lot in it. However, it is high maintenance cause of the vachette.
  5. I plan on appleguarding it. I always did that with my other LVs and not too many problems. Yours is gorgeous as well. I just went ahead and ordered it from eluxury, I'm so excited!:yahoo:
  6. That is gorgeous!
  7. you're very welcome.

  8. good for you, I'm sure you'll be happy once it arrives.