Is the fakes?

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  1. They have some cheap coach bags
  2. I personally wouldn't buy from them
  3. It is not an authorized Coach retailer.

    According to Whois, it doesn't exist.
  4. The only websites I trust are:

    Anything else is buy at your own risk!
  5. Fakes. Do not purchase. and are the ONLY two real sites, plus the department stores.
  6. It doesn't look like there's any such site. (If anyone finds it, please DON'T post a link! Fakes-selling sites are notorious for hosting spyware and scumware.)

    It doesn't matter though. Like other posters have said, the sites they listed are the only authorized sellers. Anyone else is selling fakes.

    And don't you think there's a reason why the prices are so cheap?