Is the Belt Buckle (for H Belt Kit) Sterling Silver 925 ??

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  1. Hi all tPFers,
    I've been looking but only reading from H website that these buckles are Silver and Palladium plated. My mum wanted to send her H buckle to a local jeweller to high polish it (now has so many shallow scratches on the front) then palladium plated or either Rhodium plated. But we've been told that only sterling silver 925 can be polished (they won't polish stainless steel) so i just want to make sure these buckles are made of 925 sterling silver. Any ideas?

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    The only sterling silver ones, to the best of my knowledge, are the Touareg ones. Anything silver would be hallmarked with .925 and on the Hermes silver pieces I have, AG.

    I believe the buckles are base metals, plated with palladium.
  3. This is also what I have always thought.

    The website does actually state "silver and palladium plated" but doesn't specify the base metal on which the plating is placed.
  4. You can take your buckle to H for polishing, they charge a fee.
  5. oh that's why i didn't see any AG925 marked on these buckles. Thanks! i always thought they were sterling silver.

    Thanks :smile:
  6. If they aren't hallmarked, they aren't sterling silver. And yes, for a small fee, Hermes will polish them.
  7. They will re-brush them too, if anyone has the brushed finish.
  8. That's good to know as DH has scratched his brushed finish buckle. Do they have to go to Paris for this or can a local craftsperson do it?