Is the Bellevue GM supposed to do this? Or is it a flaw?

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  1. #1 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    I have been wanting the Bellevue GM in Pomme for a long time. I almost bought one in the boutique, but it had a bend/ding in side of the bag (I need explain that better....about 8 inches up from the bottom of the bag where the bag forms a bend/crease in the design). And with Vernis and the way light hits it a dent really shows up.

    I passed on the bag in the store and ordered one from Fast forward, the bag arrived. It had a wavy zipper and when I zipped it up it created this same ding/dent in the crease on the side. Not sure, but it felt like the lining was very taut when zipped and caused the leather to bend in.

    Well, I returned it to LV and they had one other in stock and inspected it for me. They stated it had the wavy zipper and that is how the bag is designed so that you can get in and out of the bag's top. Also their second bag formed a ding/dent in the side, and they claim that too is normal.

    I know when I saw this bag in other colors in the boutique the zippers were straight and the angles on the bag were crisp without bending in.

    Please tell me how your bag is. Is the zipper wavy? Are the angles on the side crisp?
  2. The only thing I can think of is that these two GM in Pomme are from the same batch because it isn't normal (see pic of the GM). :s

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  3. Thank you Elliespurse.

    I spent some time on consignment sites and on ebay and most are nice and smooth. I think LV was just trying to push one of these bags off on me.

    This is definately one I need to see in person before buying.
  4. I am 99% sure my violette bellevue gm is straight. I can check for you in a bit:yes:
  5. ^^Please do tanya t. I am thinking these last few Pomme ones in the GM size are left over for a reason.
  6. im prob no help but i have the bellevue pm in amarante and it has no wavy bits and the zipper is perfect. (i got it in March 09)

    like i said im no help lol i hope you find one that is right for you i love this bag so much and dont understand why it is not more popular
  7. Oh no!! I was hoping the new one was going to be perfect!
  8. Thanks ecfm. You are helpful. At least you let me know that it wasn't suppose to be that way like LV wanted me to think.

    IO4M, I don't know! I am irked by it.
  9. I have both the Violette PM and the Amarante GM and neither has a wavy zipper or a dent in the side. Not sure what's going on but I wouldn't buy it either.
    Good Luck!
  10. Thanks hart88hart. I guess I should be irked with for trying to pawn the bag off on me as "that's how they are". I knew better and I knew if asked my tPF friends you would tell me the truth.
  11. It is a pretty bag DS, I hope you find one that is perfect. Have you called around to any other boutiques?
  12. Ok Designing Style....... I dug out my violette bellevue gm yesterday and not only is it wavy....but it's shape some how got distorted!!!!!! I am going to stuff it with towels overnight to see if it works itself out, but I am pissed! I only used this bag a handful of times and it has aged horribly!!!! Has any one had similar issues???? Help!!!
  13. I don't own the Bellevue GM but I have seen one in the boutique near me a while back (not in pomme) and I know it looked fine, no wavy zipper or anything because I was trying it on for quite a while trying to decide if I liked it or not. I think it is a defect and you're right, they had these leftover for a reason. I'm so sorry, that really stinks! Hopefully someone can find one in a boutique for you that's in perfect conditon. Good luck!
  14. i have the bellevue amarette and while my zipper is not wavy, there are small dents in the corners of the bag, it has been like that since i purchased it from the LV boutique. glad to hear that others have had a similar issue, i thought mine was the only bag!