Is the beige Cloudy Bundle called "Dirty Olive"...

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  1. on the box? I am confused since I know the beige has a green undertone. Can anyone who has or has had a CB in beige recall the name Chanel gave it?
  2. The 'color name' that actually came on the Cloudy Bundle in the Champaign / Beige color was "WHITE"...why, I'm not really sure...I thought it was a mistake so I checked my sister's against mine and for sure, "white"...who knows!!! K~
  3. Kristy, yes, the color names are all messed up. The white is actually a golden beige color but the darker beige with the green undertone is different than the white. There were three colors: black, beige and white. The beige color I'm refering to is the bowler bag in the reference thread posted by Socal and the tote posted by Sophiawinter.
  4. Gotcha! So sorry about that m'dear!!:P
  5. my girlfriend's cloudy bundle is called "dirty olive".
  6. I dont know about colors but cloudy bundle are 30% off now! hehehhe I just saw the sale that started today!
  7. NO WAY....
    where is it at?
  8. Yes, where? I need to know so Nordstrom can price match!
  9. yes....where's the sale....thx
  10. Vancouver, Canada boutique. Thanks Yorelica! :biggrin:

    Also, there is indeed a beige and a dirty olive color. They are not the same. I got confirmation from Nordstrom on this.
  11. I'm trying to get Nordstrom to price match the Cloudy Bundle n/s tote in beige and take the 30 percent off. It might be tricky since the sale is in a store in another country, but my s/a said she'd try. It would be a huge savings!

    Is it actually cheaper for us here in the states to buy the bag from Canada? I'm not sure what the bag retails for in Canada or the current conversion rates.
  12. Roey
    I don't think its much cheaper after taxes and customs duties are applied in the US. Your best bet is 30% off at Nordstroms. Good luck!
  13. Thanks Cougess - I figured that! My Nordstrom s/a in Topenga has to check with her Chanel Specialist to see if she will honor it. Price matching is a store policy, and I haven't been able to find a caveat that states it is restricted to the U.S. only. Now if the Vancouver store doesn't have the tote in beige that could be her reason, because that is the color I want.
  14. please tell us more info, bc topanga is close to me and i'd love to get a chanel bag too.. also, how did get the 30% off? thx
  15. wow that is such a good deal... roey do you know what colors the store in vancouver have it in? I really want one and 30% is awesome!!!