is the bbag flawed?

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  1. Don't hate I was thinking. Is the overall design of the balenciaga city flawed?

    The size is good, the shape is good, but the thing is, I find that the inner zipper pocket is too small to fit the make up i want to carry (pressed powder, lipstick, a small bottle of perfume (sometimes), a small bottle or tube of hand cream. I find most if not all other bags (the first, chloe paddington, or any other non-designer bag) have much larger inner zipper pockets. I find the outer zipper pocket a tad too small too.

    Also the inside is black, so it makes it harder to find your stuff since it's dark inside the bag.

    Also, the bag is kind of like one big vacuum--there are no cell phone or PDA pockets the way coach has so my cell is either lost in the bag somewhere (and thus i miss phone calls) or i have to put my cell in the front zipper pocket. I mean I see some of you TPFers buy those organizer things, but to me, a bag should be great alone and not need supplementary add-ons to make it user friendly.

    Another thing is that the handles are too short to carry on the shoulder comfortably, so I use the strap, but the strap ends up falling off my shoulders a lot. does this happen to any of you?

    Other than these gripes, I love the look, leather and weight of my bbag...any thoughts?

    What do you guys carry in each pocket? (outer pocket, inner zippered pocket, main compartment).

  2. I don't mind the size of the outside zippered pocket and I like the black lining, but I really do wish that there was a cell phone pocket and a much larger internal zippered pocket. In fact, I could even live without the cell phone pocket if the internal pocket were just bigger. All I can fit in the internal pocket is my cell and the LV coin purse that I am currently using as a wallet - and those two things are a very tight squeeze!! As for the shoulder strap, I really don't like it at all and always remove it from the bag - it feels really awkward using it and prefer the way it looks when carried with the handles.
  3. Oh yeah, agreed. I think they're designed to piss you off and push you and test your loyalty. That's right. Do you want your comfortable bag that holds everything and stays on your shoulder and has a special cell phone compartment? Or do you want to stay in The Club?
  4. Westsider, I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or not?
  5. Only half. I don't really think it's intentional in the design, but seriously, I feel like they're not quite perfect in terms of practicality and in this weird way that creates a tension because they're so beautiful. For instance, how many people have wished that the Work had a strap? But then, it looks so good and holds so much and just has these perfect proportions. What I'm saying is, you kind of accept the flaws (or at least I do - for some people, they might be perfect in every way) and keep buying the bags.
  6. I've gotten used to having everything float around in my BBags. I have never been the one to put a cell phone in the cell phone holder, because I am usually putting my cell phone away in a hurry and just always dump it in my bag. If I put it in the inside pocket, it actually takes me longer to unzip it and pull it out. My blackberry pearl fits in the pocket but I just prefer dumping it in my bag and having it float about until I need to find it. Finding my car keys is the worst for me. That sometimes gets a little frustrating.
  7. I agree about wishing there were more and bigger pockets inside the bag but I end up putting different sized cosmetic bags inside - one for my make up, another for my cell phone and keys and a third that has tissues/bandaids/breath mints. I add my wallet and I am ready to go.
  8. I too wish for internal compartments and a lighter colored interior. However, I used the inside zippered pocket for my cell phone that way I always know exactly where to go for it. For my make up essentials I have make up bag.;)
  9. Try using a Louis Vuitton speedy and you'll appreciate the Balenciaga so much more. The speedy only has a slit pocket inside and it doesn't fit much at all and it's almost impossible to find things because it's like a giant black hole-LOL! :smile:
  10. antonia- totally agree with you about the speedy!! It really is a black hole, and the bag isn't very comfortable carried on the crook of your arm- those handles can hurt!!

    Pandy, I totally agree with all your points. It's probably why I only have one city and am not tempted to get any more. It's such a beautiful style, classic balenciaga, but my least favorite to use so far. I much prefer using the first (which means I just care essentials), or the day (much deeper zip pockets). Have yet to use a work, so curious about that one. With all bags, I've learned to put all loose items into cosmetic pouches or what not to minimize the digging. In my city, I really only use the outer zip for my cell phone- nothing else really fits! I can put a lot more in the day zip pockets.

    It seems like with all designer bags, a major component that's missing are functional compartments!! I love multiple, smaller compartments, cell phone slots, etc etc. But none of my bags have that.
  11. I agree the inside pocket is way too small. I can squeeze my cell in there but it would take a struggle to get my phone when it rings, so I use the front pocket where I also put my keys. Only thing I can fit in the inside small pocket is some hard candies or gum, but other than that I don't use it much. I don't mind the lining being black since I don't really throw too much loose things in the bag aside from hand lotion. I 100% agree w/ Antonia.. the Speedy is a black hole for sure, haha.
  12. I have learned over the past year that the majority of the very high end bags do not have lots of pockets, most not having cell phone or PDA pockets. That's apparently just the nature of the beast. Balenciaga seemingly has more than most, but definitely not enough.

    I think they believe that anyone carrying these bags does not carry alot of stuff.....
  13. These are largely the reasons I switched from Cities to Firsts and Twiggys. The inside pocket of the Twiggy is HUGE!

    In the end I think that the best solution is to have smaller bags inside to organise your little things. I'm in the midst of a brightly-coloured accessories buying spree so I can see them in the black innards of the bag. :p
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. It's not a design flaw but marketing genius. They sell you the pockets separately:lol:. They're called Coin Purses and Makeup Clutches. And you can buy as many as you like in as many colors as you like that will pop inside a black hole bag :wlae:.

    Kidding aside, the Coin Purse and Makeup Clutch are even better than interior pockets and compartments. Rather than take out every nick and nack from pockets and compartments to transfer to a different bag, you just transfer the Coin Purse and Makeup Clutch from bag to bag. This enables easy bag changes. I put my keys and cell phone in the outside pocket, and all the rest of my bag junk in the "portable" Coin Purse and Makeup Clutch. That's how I'm able to switch bags daily with minimal hassle and brain damage.