Is the Balenciaga Day discontinued?

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  1. I've been looking for one online, to no avail.

    Does Balenciaga still carry this bag? I really want one in black. I am here in the US for another week and desperate to find one since it's no longer sold in the Balenciaga stores in my country.
  2. I think it has been discontinued, from what I've heard. I asked about them at Holt Renfrew a few months ago and the Balenciaga SA said they were no longer carrying them and they were no longer being made :sad:
  3. The Day style hasn't been made for quite a few years now, you would have to get a "pre-loved" one. There are quite a few good consignment shops in the US that allow international sales (RDC, HGBags, etc.).

  4. Bal did have them last spring on their website -- I know because I was sorely tempted to buy one in Bleu Lazuli. So they were produced at least up until last year. Haven't seen any this year / season, however (which is too bad, because the Day is a great style).
  5. Ohhh nooo! So sad! The most comfortable bag in the world! :nogood:
  6. oh, my! I have just snatched one at eBay, came here to read more about it and found that it's been discontinued! now I am even more thrilled to get hold of my bag!
  7. Yes stopped I was told
  8. Aw that is too bad! Is there any chance some stores have kept some old stock? They don't display everything on the shelves, right?
  9. I just impulse-bought (aaak!) a gorgeous 2010 Castagna Day on Yoogi's Closet, and I am sooooooooo thrilled. I've been wanting a travel bag and thought the Velo was what I needed, but something about it just hasn't clicked. When I saw this Day, I knew that was IT, and the price was a lot more palatable than a new Velo, LOL. It seems like there are lots of Days on the secondhand market, and almost all of them are at price points of $700 or less.
  10. A few days ago I saw that Real Deal Collection had a couple of black Day bags, I believe they ship overseas. Day is my favourite of the Balenciagas.
  11. Balenciaga Day collection are discontinued. Towns are being no longer produced. Classic hardware will also be no longer produced. It will be replaced with Classic Gold and Classic Silver. Giant Silver 12 (GGH 12) will also be no longer produced.

    All of this can change in the future, but do not expect to see any of those hardware and styles to be in Spring/Summer 2017
  12. i think Town is being discontinued to 'make way' for city small and mini. =))