Is the balenciaga cuff/triple four worth it?

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  1. Hi, just seeking opinion as to which is better? Or is it worth getting them? Cause my dressing is more girly and I was thinking of getting either to match with my miu miu leather bracelet. Hope someone who has either can help me out! Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I'm personally not too keen on the cuff bracelet, which I find too bulky - but I LOVE the triple tours! I love them more than the Bal bags! and they are way more affordable.

    There's a lot of variety in how you can wear the TT. They're light & comfy - much more so than beads or bangles or metal bracelets, I should know, I'm older than most of you ladies & have had thousands of them over the decades.

    Here are my two TTs, sometime I wear them together, sometimes one on each arm. They also look great worn with other arm jewellery with a bit of the same shade in it.



  3. ^^^ Lovely! They look beautiful, love the two shades together.
  4. I agree with MissFluffyCat, I prefer the TT bracelets. The cuff is way too bulky.
  5. i think they are totally worth it! i think that they go great with everything. i prefer the tt also, but i still like the cuff.
  6. personally, i like the cuff more. the triple tour was a bit too big and bulky for my small wrists. sometimes i wish the larger of the cuff can be removed so you can get a different look.
  7. Both styles are awesome and definitely worth it compared to the price of other Bal accessories ( purse keychain! :wtf:). I have 2 cuffs (galet & bdr) and I wear them to work where I may otherwise only use a laptop bag instead of a Bal bag. I wear men's watches sometimes too so I like the more substantial style of the cuff. If you are very petite with small wrists the tt may be better for you.
  8. Where can you get them? The keychains and cuffs seem to be very hard to find for me - is this normal, or am I just looking in the wrong places? Dying to have the Cuff.
  9. I think they are, I should really get one soon! :graucho:
  10. I like both of them. I only have the cuff right now, but I will def. buy the triple tour soon. Is it bad I want both in black? diff hw though. :biggrin:

    hmmm.. im gonna go try this later. maybe i can somehow remove the larger part without ruining the thing lol.

    i got mine from hgbags. but arent they available on the bal website?
  11. Not worth it to me imo. It's too trendy an item for so much money - plus there are so many leather bracelets that have the same look (I got one at Madewell) but are a fraction of the cost. I couldn't see myself wearing it a year or two from now - so money wasted. I'd rather buy a coin purse, or some other accessory that I'd still be using down the road.
  12. i have a TT in black with SGH and i love it. i wear it all the time, totally worth the money IMO.
  13. I have 2 cuffs and love them! Totally worth it.
  14. i loved the triple tour until i tried it on. it looked funny on my small wrists (too big).
  15. Now I want one!!