Is the bag wearing me?

  1. Hi all! I've scoured the forums and read all the 28 vs 32 vs 35 threads I could find. I went out and tried on a Kelly 35. Sadly I cannot try a 28 or 32 where I am based. Could you please do me a huge favour and take a look at the below and see if you think the bag is wearing me? I won't be purchasing this beauty. I'm actually looking at a vert olive or black in barenia - retourne. I would also purchase a thicker/wider strap to be able to wear it more casually as well as cross body. All feedback gratefully received. Please excuse the durr face.




  2. I think a 32 retourné would look good on you. Imo this bag looks big, but then it’s a sellier.
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  3. I don’t think it’s wearing you. Sometimes how you style a bag really defines who is wearing it. This Kelly a very elegant and wearing it top handle with heels will definitely make it more chic. Wearing this size across the shoulder or body maybe a bit overbearing on a smaller frame like your. I also notice that the bag is buckled all the way, which makes the sellier look uber serious . You can play with his bag a lot and have so much fun with it...

    Nonetheless, it might just be better to wait for a 32 or 28 since those can be effortlessly styled
  4. Are you wearing it just for casual purposes or business? If just for casual, I think you might want to go smaller. But for business, maybe any size would do.
  5. if this is for business/work bag this is nice. if this is for casual, you should go 32 or smaller.
  6. I think for casual it’s cute, but too big for evening/events.
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  7. The 35 will appear smaller when carried by the top handle on your arm vs with the strap (especially compared to cross body). The most important question is what purpose you want the bag for and how much space you need in it as a result. If you plan to use it just as a daily purse you might be better off with a 28 or 32, but if you plan to use it as your work bag or as a tote then perhaps the 35 is the best choice. Be aware the 35 can get heavy when full when using the normal thin shoulder strap.
  8. It’s too big for you
  9. I think K32 or K28 would be a safer bet for you.
    I used to think K32 was perfect for me but since I bought the K28, I think K28 is even more versatile for day and night.

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  10. Work bag OK
    Leisure and casual too overwhelming

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  11. You look quite petite and the bag overwhelms you a little IMO.
    I would go smaller and in a lighter colour. I think a cream tone like your blouse would look great on you.
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  12. I think the 35 is a tad too big unless you need to carry lots of stuff. A 35 loaded however will be very heavy and having only a flap, the weight will make it harder to close and latch the flap because all that weight is at the bottom of the bag (am I making sense?). So for heavy duty days, I don't even think of carrying a Kelly. I think you will be happier with a 32. 28s are great too but it's more "ladylike" and can't carry much. I'm 5'2" and under 100lbs and I prefer 32s, 28 looks better on me but function wins.
  13. I think it looks stunning on you. I used to prefer smaller bags but I think this could work well, with a more considered outfit. Retourner is also nice crossbody with a thick strap. I was lucky enough to try them at hermes and on me the sellier did not work crossbody on my frame.

    However I would not say the bag is wearing you- you both look great!
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  14. Yes dear I agreed with the title of this thread. :yes:. Proportionally I think K32 or K28 work better for your body frame.

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  15. You look great but I think it is too big on you to be worn in this causal crossbody thick strap way you seem to be going for. To me the 35 is a bag to be worn hand held/crook of the arm with the strap preforming only ocasional assistance.